Dude Perfect vs. Power Rangers

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It's time to take on the Power Rangers! Special thanks to the Power Rangers movie for sponsoring this video!

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💬 Comments on the video

Everybody surprised that it’s billy from stranger things

Me: surprised it’s Naomi aka Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Author — Muhammad Revan Oetji


me coming back and realizing that the red power ranger is dacre montgomery aka billy from stranger things:😮

Author — talia maria


2019 and u relize its billy from stranger things

Author — Jace Lopez


Who's here still watching this in the year 2020?

Author — can we hit 100k subs with no vidz


Dude Perfect vs How Ridiculous.

Now THAT would be entertaining.

Author — 0math12345


Since Coby is with dude perfect and dude perfect won, then technically coby won 🤔😂

Author — Rose-Anne Lafrance


_5:17__ I laughed so much just like Naomi lied on the ground 😂😂😂_

Author — Ashley Hoàng


Make more of battles vs other teams.

1 like = 1 battle

Author — Fun With Maths


When it’s 2020 and you just realize that it’s Becky G 😂

Author — Hicky Haddock


Who's here after Naomi nailed being Jasmine?

Author — Ria Patel


Comment 2019: thats Billie from Stranger Things
Me: who tf is Billie?

Author — X_Trixoz _X


Everyone: Dude! That’s Darce Montgomery from Stranger things!

Me: dude! That’s Darce Montgomery from the Power Rangers group!

Author — Luke Ghazal



I realized the colours of the platform and the joystick are different colours
What...That’s illegal

Author — Krista Is an angry girl


I’m glad billy didn’t have to throw the fireworks at the mind flayer

Author — Brayden Frey


Yellow Ranger:You Finally Won Something!!!
2 Videos Later COBY

Author — Dwight Spradlin


Dacre Montgomery will always be Billy from Stranger Things to me

Author — Zach Starling


Billy from stranger things

I thought you died

Author — Santy


I have an idea for a new series. Anyone can send in their best trick shots and Dude Perfect has to recreate them. Like if you want this to be a series so that Dude Perfect sees this comment.

Author — Adrian G


2019 and you realize that one guy was billy form stranger things

Author — Aaron Lytton


anyone watching this in 2019 just because of Dacre

Author — Jazzy Mine