Sour Patch Kids Sent Me a 'PERSONALIZED' Gift Box

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As THE Sour Patch Kids review channel, it's only fitting for Mr. Sour Patch himself to send me a personalized gift box. First it's sweet... then it's sour...

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Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Hope your day is filled with as much love and kindness as was stuffed into this thoughtful gift from Sour Patch!

Author — Markiplier


To sum up this whole video.

Mark: My disappointment is immeasurable. And my day is ruined.

Author — Cyber Gnoll


Markiplier: *literally sobbing*
Markiplier: ThaT’s tHe GoOd StUfF

Author — Kennedy Gillogly


Sour patch: “I got you some things!”🙂

Mark: “The snacks taste gross and the shoes are gross. Also it’s in green instead of red”

Sour patch: ☹️

Author — Aj Tomlinson


They literally gave him green shoes instead of his signature red
And green and red sour sweets when his favourite is blue

Great way to get Markiplier to hate a company in 11 minutes

Author — FlashAlloy


Sour patch is like that aunt who comes to Christmas every 5 years and still thinks they’re in touch with your sense of taste and style

Author — Arcane Eclipse


The fact that this is an unpaid yet full-blown promotion (along with Mark’s extreme amount of salt) makes this video all the more hilarious

Author — BakaStryx


I just want to say this, they sent him Christmas colors and called it his “mix.” Not only that, but those colors are also the most commonly liked. The letter didn’t even has his name! This is a blatant and poorly made mail merge and it’s so aggravating that they think they can just do that and send it to their top advertiser without a single penny for his troubles. Anybody know how many other people got this?

Author — DragonNestKing


Sour Patch: Sends Markiplier box without a sponsorship offer.
Markiplier: "I am SICK I am DISCUSTED I give my life to my lord and savior Sour Patch Kids and THIS is what I get?"

Author — Sarah Ferguson


Sour's Patch: **Sends Mark a brand deal, but without the benefits**

Mark: "So you have chosen.. death."

on another note, this video feels like an anti-ad. It made me slightly hate the Sour Patch company.

Author — Crusade time


"A tool"

Me: The shovel?

Mark: "The shovel."

Author — Listening noob


This is simultaneously the worst and the best brand deal I've ever seen.

Author — KariahBengalii


Mark: Let's make these a little more sour
Also Mark: has an out of body experience

Author — Master James


Markiplier: They don't even smell like curry

Basketball Community: You have offended us

Author — Pranav Gusain


They didn’t even give him the good color shoes

They didn’t give him the right sour patch kids

They did this man dirty I’m sorry markymoo

Author — Evan Winkler


“I’m not a man know for taste” no shit you said you’ve eaten sour candy until your mouth bleeds your taste buds have been utterly obliterated XD

Author — Elliot Hamilton


"Mark calls out Sour Patch for their terrible PR for 11 minutes straight ft. Tactical shovel"

Author — FISH FISH


The fact that he’s wearing an Unnus Annus shirt just makes this better

Author — RubiAmethyst


Me: *wonders why it's red and green*
Mark 3 seconds later: “Why is it red and green?”

Author — The Real Spider-Man


He say's he never killed a vampire, like he's met one before.

Author — Proxidize