Coronavirus around the world: March 21, 2020

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Global News has today’s top COVID-19 headlines:

Italy imposed further restrictions in a desperate move to halt the spread of novel coronavirus infections after recording more than 700 deaths in a single day, marking the highest 24-hour increase recorded around the world since the outbreak of the pandemic.

France is on its fifth day of a nation-wide lockdown as the country continues with confinement measures to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

A nationwide curfew was implemented across Jordan Saturday to combat the spread of COVID-19 that restricts movement of the country’s 10 million citizens.

A global race for a novel coronavirus vaccine is underway and scientists in the UK feel confident a vaccine could be available within a year.

Brazilians came out onto their balconies Friday night to applaud the army of medical workers on the frontlines of the battle against the deadly novel coronavirus.

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It's shockingly sad that Italy has close 800 people died of the Covid-19 in a single day. Stay strong Italy, doctors and nurses.

Author — M9


More people don't self quarantine, more days you have to stay in quarantine.

Author — Jack Hainings


It's strange that military soldiers can be out in the streets & not civilians...

Author — Chano26 Illmind


CCP is a disgrace to the world for causing this mess.

Author — Jon Doe


Looks like people in Italy still don’t get it. Same is happening in the USA in some places.

Author — Red


Chaines covid-19
Original no1 products around the world . Without payments government tax.
Very sad.

Author — rumel tangilur


Jan 28 China builds hospital in two weeks.
Two months later Italy is acting like this is all a surprise.

Author — Ty Vann


They have been saying that we couldn’t sustain the aging retirees now there will be many DEATHS 😰😓

Author — MirrorMommy


This is a communist channel. The globalist news.

Author — Leonardo Campos


we now have 300.000th case and it is not stopping. hope it slows

Author — YTing Kwan


Am glad I only have 2 neighbor s in 2 miles.

Author — Matt s


Big Respecct to the doctors and scientists

Author — Wesen Birhanu


2 cv notices on a lot of doors in my little village on the coast of Gro Mexico



People's solidarity and cheering in some countries is heartwarming to see, but intelligence and prevention would have been better.

Author — Firstname Lastname


Do any of you think the soldier on the thumbail is cute ?

Author — Powerful Mecha


Overwhelm health services? It's called death.

Author — Lee Holloway


How long can this shutdown be sustained if cure or vaccine takes a year to get?

Author — Ju Rwe


Make shure the thumbnail is pc, good job scums in the msm

Author — Susan Thomson-Lafosse


When all this is over the international community should hold the CCP accountable. The CCP IS RUNNING AROUND RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS .

Author — Trump 2020


*What the media has not revealed.* Diarrhea is an early symptom that shows up in about half of the patients testing positive for COVID-19. That likely accounts for the run on toilet paper.

Author — the Unrepentant