Butler: Giuliani 'Offering Jared Kushner’s Head” To Save Ivanka | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Trump’s lawyer Giuliani characterized Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner as “disposable” but warned that the country would “turn” on Mueller if he interviewed Ivanka. Former Federal Prosecutor Paul Butler says Giuliani might be trying to offer “Kushner’s head up on a platter” in exchange for leaving Ivanka Trump alone but “that’s not how investigators think”.

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Butler: Giuliani "Offering Jared Kushner’s Head” To Save Ivanka | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Download — Butler: Giuliani 'Offering Jared Kushner’s Head” To Save Ivanka | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Simply stated: Giuliani is a fool, and he has always been a fool.

Author — Robert Horning


What makes Ivanka so untouchable - if she wants to play with the big boys she should face the consequences. Send her, Kushner and Trump to face the public for obstruction of justice.

Author — Elfin4


It's really a weird creepy way Giuliani said that.

Author — sharon nagle


Lock up the trump crime family. Including Ivanka.

Author — Thomas Elder


Who needs enemy's when you have Giuliani...smh SPANKY better watch his back

Author — Elisa Chandler


The country won't turn because of ivanka.she can go to jail too.

Author — Tawanda Branch


Ivanka has a prison cell waiting for her and Jarrod and Trump and boys and friends for treason

Author — John Pongi


Rudy is equally as disposable as Ivanka ... Just saying ...

Author — WalkingBlueRaven Cook


There are a lot of really pretty girls behind bars. What makes Ivanka so special? And no, Giuliani, the nation will not revolt if she's investigated and charged with crimes. That's a fantasy created by you and the Trump's in their ivory tower.

Author — D Ross


If they go after Ivanka I'll be cheering them on! Go after the whole lot of them they're all corrupt!

Author — It Was A Good Idea At The Time


Disgusting that the family are working in the White House in any capacity...

Author — chevalvivant


Fox and Giuliani is a disgusting embarrassment for America ; it wouldn't bother 60% of us if Mueller interview ivanka not one bit this is her lane now.

Author — k jackson


If she is a criminal then take care of it, I don't care that a bunch of creepy old men want her.

Author — Airik Luna


Wow. Ivanka put her big girl panties on and got herself on the WH staff. She's cutely complicit with the rest of her dad's swamp.

Author — F8oK8


I don't care who she is, if she broke the Law, she should be charged, tried, convicted, and IMPRISONED

Author — Houston bluescene


The country would applaud if they went after her.

Author — Born In the 804


We all know that no one has ever prosecuted a woman who is someone's daughter! Right? Right? And everybody loves Ivanka! Right?

Rudy's been out of touch for awhile, I think.

Author — Michael Strickland


So Martha Stewart can go to prison, but Ivanka Trump can't???

Author — David J


No the country will not do anything. Get her too i couldn't care less

Author — muadhib001


"Only the best people". . .

Giuliani, Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Flynn - and all the lawyers who have come and gone.

The Giuliani bottom seems to be the lowest bottom of them all. The motor mouth of all motor mouths, as much as Fat Donny...


Author — Steve Garcia