Inside intensive care unit: Italy fights coronavirus outbreak

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This is the story of one small Intensive care team
in one hospital at the heart of the country's coronavirus outbreak in the town of Cremona, just south of Milan. And a warning, some viewers may find our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum's report distressing.

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these doctors and nurses are absolute heroes

Author — Bird Person


God bless every nurse, doctor etc on the front line against this horrible disease.

Author — Kleatus Regalson


in Lombardy people are dying, and not just the old ones. People die alone in intensive care, family members cannot be with them. Corpses are cremated and family members in quarantine cannot be present. Funerals are suspended. The situation is frightening, incredible, like a horror movie. I'm afraid to see a loved one die, and not even be able to say goodbye or go to the funeral. We need Europe and the world to take us seriously.
I work in a hospital, and today we didn't even have decent masks to wear. My colleagues and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Our world has turned upside down within a month. It's incredible

Author — PL4stik1991


These are the people who should be awarded with bonuses not Wall Street.

Author — Sami Ahmed


I am a nurse at a german intensive care unit. We just got our first Patient. I want to greet my italian colleagues. You are amazing

Author — Tarry21


I'd guess the poor medical staff are gonna have PTSD after this. Hope govs will be providing for any who may need therapy to deal with the aftermath of the trauma.

Author — catbeara


Bravo to the medical staff at this Italian hospital...going extra hours is not for everyone!

Author — Robert Nkambwe


The world needs to see this and prepare properly... This is heartbreaking... There are so many countries not doing enough, some just seems like they given up... Never thought I will see this in my lifetime...

Author — Barry Chung


1:16 the translation is incorrect: she doesn't say "we haven't seen anyone recover", she says "we haven't seen anyone wake up yet"

Edit: I think it is important, as someone pointed out in the thread, what she means by waking up. Patients are put in a pharmacologically induced coma. This is because when you get intubated (as far as I've understood) the low blood oxygen saturation makes the patient want to breathe against the machine. To reduce the stress, the patient is therefore put in a coma. It is a highly invasive procedure that takes a long time (i've heard up to 6m) to recover from, even when you are capable again of breathing on your own.

Author — free spirit 1


Hats off for the Italian medical staffs! I have never had so much respect to Italians for all my life.

Author — 彬陈


These people deserve 100 of thousands a year and not soccer players like Ronaldo and co .

Author — DNA CBN


Coming to a UK hospital near lets just keep the schools open Boris

Author — Damian


These doctors and nurses are the bravest I bet most people seeing this video would never want to be in a closed room full of coronavirus patients

Author — Archana Jn


Italy is the only ones telling the truth I trust what they're saying

Author — tay harris-smith


Another medical team from my hometown Zhejiang province had left for Italy yesterday.

Author — Junqiao John Zhao


Italians are saying their big mistake "they laughed and still was go out but infect others without knowing it", today being at home is surviving, although if in other countries this seems like a joke or they don't believe in this reality ... watching today videos in Spain tourists continue drinking and walking on the streets even if the police say "stay home" ... the propagation is the fault of the others and we want to survive, will others understand this? 😨

Author — Amadriadi Design


with that much health care in italy n still suffer so much, cant imagine how hard UK will be hit with their indifferent attitude.

Author — 菲菲谭若


The virus is lining up at UK’s doorstep... you better fire your incompetent Government

Author — msx 4ever


To all my country men here in UK this will be us in three weeks stay at home please dont go out any more

Author — Darren Ives


I’m sad that these doctors have to go through this. Especially when they have never seen anything like this before. 😢

Author — Jessica16 M