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This is live music at its best. The original version of"News of the World", was the theme song to TV Show "Mock the Week", and the only song to be written by Bruce Foxton on his own. Another great song originally released by The Jam in 1978, which charted at No. 27 on the UK Top 40. The title of the song refers to the old British tabloid newspaper with the same name.

This performance comes from the "From the Jam - A 1st Class Return" concert Live at the Forum in December 2007. From the Jam kick off at full speed, each one complimenting the other and the material as fresh as when it was at the top of the UK Charts! They turned a chilly night in North London into a rhythm inferno, and in doing so, rewrite modern world anthems for the 21st century!

From the Jam line up:
Bruce Foxton - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.
Rick Buckler - Drums.
Russell Hastings - Lead Vocals, Guitar and Acoustic Guitar.
Dave Moore - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals.

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This was always my favourite Jam song.

Author — JANER64


Hello I'm Dara O'Brien and welcome to Mock the Week.

Author — Trekkie 135


Bass has much punch, such a jam classic!

Author — Stephen Charles


Tetszett, köszönöm
Károlyné Szépvölgyi

Author — Károlyné Szépvölgyi


Brilliant tune written by Bruce Foxten, with a great guitar sound both bass and lead guitars, stunning lyrics, From the Jam are a must for any Jam fans and music lover everywhere.🔥

Author — mark coggins


plan b questionable video Matt Hensley

Author — tucko11


Brilliant song that stands the test of time. Just dont get any like that these days.



Eh? Why the other guitarist? The beauty of the Jam was the power coming from the three piece. It's like when the Smiths had Gannon playing Rhythm. Over egging the pudding comes to mind.

Author — Chris A.


What fitting lyrics about todays FAKE NEWS. Always the propaganda and whit a push towards what they want us to her/believe.

Author — Low Light