US Coronavirus Fatalities Now Exceed Death Toll From 9/11: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY

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As the U.S. coronavirus death toll exceeds 3,000, more Americans have now died from the virus than were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks. Meanwhile, the shortage of beds and equipment at New York City-area hospitals is becoming even more severe. See all the top TODAY news in one video.

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US Coronavirus Fatalities Now Exceed Death Toll From 9/11: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY

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It’s weird comparing the 9/11 attacks with a global pandemic

Author — Cesar Ordaz


Am I the only one that finds it rather distasteful that they are bringing up 9/11 for no reason aside from more drama in the title?

Author — BraveHeartedHero1


This is a bad example of social distancing.

Author — steven eckhoff


This is the dumbest title to a video that I've ever seen.

Author — Taylor Bailey


"Every one stay home". "Hi, here we are in the studio". Muh, 9/11 for cheap shock points. Leeches, one and all of these "journalists".

Author — substrate001


If every state is eventually going to have a shelter in place lockdown, why not do it all together? It's useless to do it state by state if people are going to travel from state to state.

Author — adamtki


We will skip summer this year and go straight to fall.

Author — Dral22 B


Editor: How can we sensationalize the headline of this video?
Intern: 9/11?
Editor: Give that man a raise.

Author — Inquizition


I have a feeling that "social distancing" is here to stay. Humanity will survive Covid19 but the stigma will last indefinitely.

Author — 100MPH Selfies


3:03 "We’re practicing our social distancing" oh ffs

Author — Marionettes


WTF does this have to do with 911? The flu kills more people, and they never say the flu has killed more people than 911.

Author — james will


13:40 My mans trying not to laugh at "Mass Debate" LOL

Author — Sine Wave


How about telling us how many people RECOVERED.

Author — Kenneth Walker


Everyone is using the same talking point. " more then 9/11, more deaths then 9/11" how is this helping the people.

Author — Turd Ferguson


Laughing and smiling before introducing death rates.

Author — The Winking Skeever


Like the Clark Sister said, ’It ain’t coming to my house’🤣🤣

Author — Mara Fever


9/11 attacks killed that many in an hour.

Author — bigal25938


“Practicing social distancing” JUST STAY TF HOME

Author — Jason Bluy


The reason they really didn't want everyone wearing masks is that they didn't have enough and wanted the masks for first responders.

Author — Carin Wiseman


Wow, the attempt at emotional bait is high with this one. There is no point in this comparison.

Author — Gamersaurus Rex