Xi Jinping awards first president of Kazakhstan with Friendship Medal

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Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday awarded the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with a Friendship Medal, China's highest state honor for foreigners. #XiJinping #Kazakhstan

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Thanks for the first president of Kazakhstan's contribution to China Kazakhstan relationship and BRI!
Long live China Kazakhstan brother friendship!

Author — Grace Feng


Truly deserved! Warm and big hug! Important one of co-founders of the new Silk Road! Respect and congrats from a Chinese

Author — Bill Hints


While China give friendship trade and development throughout the world the American give sanctions trade war and their fake democracy freedom and human right system to the world

Author — Teh Chuan


Wow... The Medal of Highest Honor!! Kazakhstan economy will surely reach a new heights under the wing of China.

Author — David vs Goliath


That's how true friends are made, true friendship are meant to be - for world peace & prosperity for all countries big or small. NOT by way of sanctions & wars as espoused by everybody-know-who. No prizes for guessing the correct country. Haha!

Author — kee yong loh


A good news for both Kazakhstan and China. They both work together.

Author — ForAmerican


senior statesman of of the socialist camp

Author — dlfang


The Chinese are running with all the while we're here planning to start a war, its sick what we've become.

Author — James Billy


Meanwhile Europe is being dragged down by the cynical shortsighted policies of the U.S, run by mafia like secret society, the murderers of visionaries like Kennedys.

They murdered their elected leaders and replaced them with the likes of Nixon, Bushes and Clintons, and now Trump..They destroyed Iraq just to lose an ally in Turkey, they lost influence in Iraq itself, bleeding trillions that could have been used to shape humanity's progress.

They are spinning their wheels in the mud, with only war and threats to resort to, zero diplomacy. Look at what China is doing without firing a shot, from across Asia, Latin America and Africa.

While U.S allies itself with blood thirsty thugs who chop heads in public squares...there is no future for human civilization with U.S as a global leader. Good riddance.

Author — Waryaa Moxamad


Kennedys envisioned an America that relies more on diplomacy and win-win foreign policies, why he wanted to not be involved in Vietnam, why he said no to Operation Northwood, but still remained firm on not allowing nukes in Cuba. With that type of leadership, U.S today will have had little challenge in complete superiority in diplomacy, allies, and defining human progress. Instead a mafia clan took over, killed him and his brother and started the slow decline of the west. Europe has a tough choice to make. Time to end this unaccountable secret society that has infected the west.

Author — Waryaa Moxamad