Could Kazakhstan politics hurt US/China trade deal?

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Former USTR official Steve Gill joins RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the surprise resignation of Kazakhstan’s president after nearly 30 years in power. The country is a close partner with Russia and also crucial to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. How could a shift in Kazakhstani politics change the power-balance the region? He also discusses Huawei and the ongoing US-China trade negotiations.


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Kazakh friends with China or Russia is better than US anyday

Author — Real Tech


To me, it sounds that US is losing a big chunk of its Western Empire. Is it any wonder that they want to expand the Empire by now graspimgs at South America?

Author — Kirstin Strand


The Russian Federation will be the Bigest gas and oil producer and controlling the world’s largest economy.
The USA can only dream.

Author — Jose perez


Americans could not find Canada on the map lol 😂

Author — R 1900


I hope not because nothing good comes out being a US pawn. This region is of great economical importance and Kazakhstan need to choose their friends wisely. US is nobody's friends. What they have done to their friends in the past is not hidden anymore.

Author — Juniper lane


Kazhakstan is protected by Russia and China

Author — Bcoz i know


The USA is currently in rapid decline (1, 2) with no solutions in sight (3). As poverty is growing in the USA (4) and the middle class also evaporating (5) the USA needs the cheap Chinese products more than the Chinese do the US products. `Made in the USA` products betray themselves as expensive `bling bling` on a rotten core of cheap components as we are now beginning to see with airplanes, cars, computers etc. etc.. These are clear signs of a looming collapse (6, 7). So creating delusional dependencies within a US trade deal is ridiculous.

The accelerated Chinese efforts in combating poverty to grow their internal market, their growing investments in Africa and their enhanced focus on their `Belt and Road Initiative` have caught international attention. We also see their refusal to hold back on their technological advancements if at all possible. They could be preparing to immunize themselves from any economic fall-out in the USA.

These factors make agreeing to unreasonable demands by the USA impossible and this could be a major obstacle to a balanced trade deal.

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Author — wjdonner


Only when Yankees get their Boots on Kazakhstans soil. . .

Author — Flying Dutchman


Could Kazakhstan politics hurt Russian politics?

Author — Kazakh Doge


haHa soviet nukeDumping ground has as many EPA deadZones as USA....

Author — outbacktrek


To be fair, Nursultan Nazarbayev is a difficult name for a native English speaker to pronounce. She rolled with it like a champ.

Author — Is [N0T] 42


No problem for usa they will just go in and have a puppet president..

Author — mit p


The problem with Kazakhstan is the Jew. They take everybody money. They never give it back.

Author — Nate Marx


The US department want to hire a illegal immigrant called Borat, as interpretator

Author — Rock Stone


Most Americans couldn't tell you who's part of North America, most Americans have lead a sheltered life and are very naive and ignorant when it comes to geopolitics!!!

Author — Martin Coté