Finances in Japan (ANECDOTAL ADVICE)

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Learn Japanese pitch-accent and pronunciation from my Patreon Series "Japanese Phonetics"

Finances in Japan / Money in Japan / Managing Money in Japan

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watched this whole video and I'm not even planning on living in japan

Author — pj


you seems to have lost lots of weight, are you sure you are alright mate?

Author — Reivelt


The timing for this couldn't have been better for me. I'm moving to Japan in August, and I have been becoming increasingly more serious about investing in my future. I really appreciate this!

Author — ZombieOrgasm


Why don't you immigrate to Japan and get rid of your American citicizenship?

Author — The Ocelot


I think it's safe to say that I didn't understand a single thing you said. But maybe I'll watch this again later when I'm less stupid.

Author — Obani


There's a lot of things said here that only apply to Americans

Author — Belial


Wow... as an American who just moved to Japan and plan on staying here for at least 5 years, there's some invaluable information here. Thanks so much for sharing, Dogen!

Author — Corosna


this video got me to do a bunch of research and reading & finally actually start investing, after having thought & waffled about it for a long time. thanks Dogen, for your always well thought through content. hope you're well!

Author — finbeard


Read as "fiancees" for some reason

Author — Some Body


My husband and I looked into TransferWise (he's Japanese, I'm American). Looks pretty good compared to other options. Thanks for the recommendation, Dogen! :)

Author — Keitorin2018


Would you recommend investing for English teachers who barely make enough to begin with?

Author — maydaysan


Great video dude. Wife, kids and I are moving to Kobe in a couple years and this video is enormously helpful. Thank you for sharing

Author — Herman R


Thank you! This is everything I needed to hear, partly to just plain get me thinking about it rather than just thinking about the I'M MOVING TO JAPAN part

Author — Eliot Childress


For any european watching this, instead of transferwise use Revolut. The rates are incredibly good and you don't pay for conversion.

Author — Unixtreme


I'm gonna be studying abroad in Tokyo next year and want to know what I need to be mindful of when preparing my taxes the following year?

Author — TheAndySan


I'm using headphones right now. By the looks of my screen everyone around thinks I'm watching stand-up comedy.

Author — technosteed


Didn't need this video until a couple of days ago so it was perfect timing.
Even though I've read similar advice before it's good to hear specific accounts on how to manage money across countries.

Author — Lemonator


I laughed at struggling to remember if it's called Blue or Green


Author — giascle


Great Video! Just finished my second cup of tea.

Author — Jussi Hemlund


It's 青色申告. But what you need to register for as an independent worker is 個人事業主 for which you fill a 開業届 at the 税務署.

Author — xahal