Myanmar police officers detained over Rohingya beatings video - BBC News

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A video that appears to show Myanmar police officers beating members of the Muslim Rohingya minority during a security operation has emerged on Burmese social media.
The government said the incident, apparently filmed by a police officer, happened in restive Rakhine state in November and several officers had been detained.

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maybe Myanmar officers should send them to Britain instead, since the British care so much

Author — Tony Montana


Allahın laneti budistlerin ve zalimlerin üzerine vursun

Author — Kamil Tavşan


BBC, why dont you go to yemen and see the atrocities done by the saudi government using british weapons.

Author — Sam Abey


Don't worry guys...
Jannatul Firdaus is ready to welcome you after death....and you will live there peacefully forever....
The hellfire is granted for who brutally beating u and killing U Allah..
La Ilaha Illah Mohammed dur rasul Allah(There is no God but Allah & Mohammed (pbuh) is Allah's messenger....

Author — Education Point


I like how moderate Muslim cursing Buddhism and monks because of this issue

Author — Shanghai knight


Thank you so much BBC News I am rohingya

Author — rohingya crisis channel rohingya crisis channel


They do exactly as America does in Iraq at Abu Ghraib

Author — Ахмед Россия


I'm rohingya but I'm born in dubai omg I hate that police there killing people's

Author — Hamdan Ahmed


Allah in zalimo ko khud dekhta jo kise par zulam karty ha

Author — Auto Spa


i think i know why myanmar do them like this... if all off u stay with rohingya pepople i will be know they true face.. we malaysia invite them to lived in malaysia and then they do like malaysia they country... now we all know that covid 19.. malaysia goverment make PKP (MCO) and then this rohingya do not listening to malaysia goverment law.. and then they trow they poop to malaysia army who guard citizens for covid 19

Author — Tun Nabil roslan


everyone know why noble peace prize is given to aang saan sochi and obama- because they are the killers of peace and

Author — 719faheem


Real fact is they are settled down in others place, Here in India also many bangaladeshi ... watch the India Assam's news NRC

Author — Gmail.comjewel Jamatia


The comment section is making me lose more faith in humanity smh

Author — Nikki A.


You have to think 1000times about what u did in past if the most Polite & Peaceful community has decided to kill your community in such a brutal way..

Author — Shubham -Hindu


We live in a unhappy and miserable ass world. Everyone's got beef with someone. Whatever the case.

Author — redsea


Bangladesh teri tukde honge inshaallah 😁

Author — Kishor Kumar