Coronavirus: The global response to another huge rise in cases – BBC News

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Around the world governments are battling to keep pace with the spread of the coronavirus. In Italy nearly 800 people have died within the last 24 hours, bringing the total of deaths there to 4,825. A lockdown to limit the spread has been in place for weeks. Now tougher measures have been introduced in the worst hit area of Lombardy, with the regional president announcing that from tomorrow all sport and physical activity outside, even on your own, will be banned.

The husband of a British woman - who died after testing positive for the Coronavirus whilst on holiday in Bali - has spoken for the first time of the devastation of his loss. Kimberley Finlayson who was 52, had underlying health conditions and had undergone two emergency operations in an Indonesian government hospital. Mr Finlayson said perhaps the outcome for his wife might have been different if she had been treated in the UK.

Presented by Kate Silverton, with reporting from Jeremy Cook and Sima Kotecha.

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while celebrities are showing the world how brave they are suffering on lockdown - the real hero`s are in the hostpitals saving lives.

Author — TomHud


The doctors are the real heroes in this situation- Saving people’s lives and dedicating themselves to help those who have the coronavirus

Author — Joshua Fernandes


And people still want have the olympics for this year ...OMG open your eyes and look what’s happening across the world.

Author — naz s


My condolences to everyone who has lost a love one, because of the Coronavirus.

Author — Linda Diaz


EVERYONE needs to take this SERIOUSLY for the benefits of OTHERS...

Author — Vlican


Whoever is reading let's come together in love and unity in these evil days. Forgive those that hurt you even if they don't deserve it. Peace

Author — Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel


China should dedinitely pay a huge price for what they’ve done to the world !

Author — Lalhmachhuana Vanchhawng


Don’t forget about Iran please ! They’ve got a problem with lack of medicine because of sanctions.

Author — Rinat Kutushev


I hope that everyone affected will be safe from virus

Author — william deasy


My heart goes out to that man and his family.

Author — Brian Hillard


unless its for food...or emergency no one should be out..really...

Author — nine yards songs


My heart goes out to them all. So sad

Author — God Is Love


italy definitely deserves compensation from china when this is over

Author — SS1 Crew


How can the BBC imply that the blame for this tragic death was on Indonesia without even investigating it? (PS.: I am not from Indonesia)

Author — I’m Nobody


my condolences to the italian people who lost their loved ones ❤️ Italy is a great country with lovely friendly people in my experience 🇮🇹❤️ Rimani forte Italia💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️

Author — schaka Dx


they want to start treating this like a biological situation .NBC suits for all NHS staff..

Author — luke dunn


Don't buy this, this masks aren't having any good effects, if you want truly protect, visit 2protect.store, they have best masks for these situations, you can buy some filters too. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Author — Michael Murphy


No media is enlightening enought how contagious and dangerous this virus is .
I am absolutely distraught from the blind eye each European government has shown and the lack of short, clear, incisive information from the media, like the fact that you can carry the disease without symptom and pass to others and the fact that you don't need to cought in face of someone .. you have just to breathe in the same space !!!
I m in the centre of Milan and the only sound I can hear are sirens .
No fun here . No silver lining .
Pls #stayhome . 🙏

Author — Camilla C. S.


BBC: How do we deliver this story to the public
Intern: ‘Let’s put our reporter in Italy’

Author — Josh G


Hats off to Doctors & all paramedic staffs.

Author — Saira Khan