Coronavirus around the world: March 17, 2020

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In our daily roundup of the top coronavirus headlines from around the world today:

Researchers in the US gave the first shots in a test of an experimental coronavirus vaccine on Monday.

In Spain, the number of coronavirus cases surpasses 11,000, and the death toll rises to more than 500.

UEFA EURO 2020 has been postponed for an entire year because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Italy is rushing to promote 10,000 new doctors to relieve the coronavirus crisis.

Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers to keep up with the demand for products.

and the COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to take its toll on the stock market.

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Salute the volunteers for their courage take to part in the vaccine development program to save thousands of lives.

Author — T Tom


Shell turn into a monster, this is the resident evil part

Author — blahblah jumpswing


"Gets injected with Dead corona cell (not active)"
'That was easy'.

Author — RiK Rivine


Watch Meathead Munchies for healing recipes.

Author — Meathead Munchies


Why is Amazon hiring 100 people when there was no talk yet about staying home on this date.And why would people just start ordering from Amazon when they just been told about a

Author — Daphnee Turner


We'll be alright guys, nothing can stop humanity, we got a lot of morons in our species but the good outweigh the bad.

Author — joe 6pack


The entire world is in chaos. It's unbelievable how our lives can turn upside down in a matter of weeks

Author — Artiom Mikhailov


I bet according to agenda 21 please Google agenda 21
That they will inject you.

Author — Co Truly a grey M


Start of the Video:*RAID SHADOW LEGEND AD*


Author — Danika Decelles


Why does the govt say that we will keep the supplies coming in ? Are the people in retail supposed to stay open? Just so idiots can fight over toilet paper ? Don’t they count? Who has their back?

Author — atin eigh


Please Stay at home, and follow the WHO Recommendations

Author — Star Techno


Its not actually that the virus is lethal, its just that the world hasnt seen it b4

Author — Blue Blaze


Jennifer Haller interviewed like there was gun pointed to her head😯

Author — THE TRUTH


she must be really brave or really lonely.

Author — Alan Jimenez Chirinos


Bus lines? Greyhound and many others traveling town to town and state to state. Why are they still running? 100+ people in a small space with no care taken, no PPE.

Author — Cam SurGage


NWO is coming, Mark of the beast is coming



First human trials?? They said this wouldn't happen until late 2020.

Author — b wills


How many people do u think have re-watched that 2011 movie CONTAGION ??

Author — Orang3 Monkey


What do you think is the vaccine helpful?

Author — Nazixon


Hwow la primera vez que veo un mundo tan vacio

Author — ObsRVA Y AprND⚡