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Psychology, neuroscience and philosophy should mandatory in highschools, we are left ignorant of most important things in life by our education system.

Author — Areté


The guy was obviously ahead of his time. It's amazing he wasn't Locked-up lol.

Author — zipo dipo


I love how everyone here is considering Locke a Socialist/Communist yet he would today be considered a Right-Wing Libertarian.

Author — Jacob Johnson


His idea of education was better than our actual education. And that over 300 years ago, wow :O

Author — Oleg Schoch


Great man. Locke is basicaly the father of the american constitution. A man that should be remembered for everyone that values the freedom of the individuals. <3

Author — Willian Pablo


study at "Schools Of Life"
i see what ya did there mate

Author — King Henry VIII


"Life, liberty and Property" My all time favourite quote.

Author — Anthony


John Locke
Fun Fact: Locke was going to become a doctor, till he met Earl of Shaftsburry (very political figure).
What to do about differing religious views?
- People CAN'T (lacking of ability) determine which is a true religious standpoint.
- Even if you could, no one can make (by violence) you genuinely believe something.
- Religious uniformity leads to more social chaos, than allowing diversity,
Who should rule the country?
-God gives that authority.
- The rule must make people comfortable in society
- The ruler has to respect everyone's freedom and property. Beyond that the people have the right to overthrow their rulers.
How should we educate our children?
- People's views are shaped by their experiences, as they are blank slates when they are born. Therefore, educate them right, and early.
- They should be taught practical things such as ethics, business, psychology, science, etc.
Important definition:
State of nature, when we have all rights before joining society. (as we consent to give up some rights to live in society)

Author — Matthieu Huang


Actually it was clearly a typo. The Second Amendment clearly says "The Right to Bear Rams"

Author — Ezri Steel


John Locke... the man... the legend...

Author — Christian Escudero


I love John Locke, it's so beautiful that our constitution is so heavenly based on his works. it's what allows america to be amazing.

Author — Steven E


Thank you for accurately stating the reason for the second amendment.

Author — Whatever lol


Thank you, thank you, thank, you. I've been waiting for a long time for this. I'd just like to ask if you're planning a video on Hume and Voltaire. Keep up the excellent work!

Author — GM -GODARD


We, now living in the 21st Century, know all about genetics, and genetic traits, and differences. We accept that each of is born with a certain amount of genetic unique heritage. We could also call it "Genetic Baggage", because this is exactly what it is. Human Beings are highly evolved social creatures: "Social Primates" is the scientific term. As a student of the science of Behavioral-Psychology, I can assure you, that "genetic baggage" has very little effect on the social conditioning of the individual. A person may have a natural ability to draw pictures, compose music, or even understand math, but without proper cultivation of these inborn skills, he may never actually develop these skills. We have genetic advantages, but we NEED socialization, and a cultural foundation in order to prosper and be able to give full expression to our talents. We are, in fact, BLANK SLATES until we have undergone a proper education, and proper socialization process.

Author — Robert B.


...only to study what would be of practical use later in life...

"The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

Author — Owen Burnett


It's such a pity we've abandoned many of his ideas.

Author — Paul skirton


please do a episode on the art of war and Bertrand russell

Author — Sudev Sen


I heard John Locke had a massive set of knives and could cook a mean boar meal.

Author — Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan


As a superhero in training, I fully endorse the hopping bear graphic holding a pile of rifles.

Author — Heroic Concepts


My favorite part of Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration is when he says all religious views should be tolerated...except atheism

Author — tchristian04