Gutfeld on Bloomberg's advice for Democrats

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Michael Bloomberg offers a reality check to a party whose loudest progressive voices are embracing the last century's worst ideas. #TheFive #FoxNews

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democrats are evil. Infanticide, Eliminating Private health insurance etc.

Author — obama is a Russian Puppet FeelTheBern


Bloomberg understand money—
“ it’s not grow on tree”
DEMONRATS just want to grab it for free

Author — Who Know


Democrats and diapers need changing for the same reason.

Author — James Greer


Just like on TV, fast forward through Juan Williams.

Author — Adam Jensen


As a nonwhite male, I find the language used in the media to describe white people to be disturbing. Normalizing that kind of language led to the Holocaust.

Author — John Syzlack


Income inequality is due to choice inequality. When folks keep making foolish choices they'll keep getting foolish results.

Author — SuperbChannel


Democrats are crumbling under their own agendas, I love it!

Author — Mickey Andres


Why does Juan interject on an economic conversation when, the others clearly understand it, and he doesn't.

Author — Lethal


I was going to enjoy the FIVE till i see juan williams👀🤮🤮🤮bye.

Author — Toa Mataafa


American's can't pay a $500 bill but have no problem spending thousands on Apple products.

Author — Alyssa Pepple


The left is out of control. They want people miserable.

Author — toplaycool21


Become a billionaire from republican policies and then then say how bad those same policies are when you’re crazy rich. Yup! Sounds like a leftist to me.

Author — Sewermonkey69


Rich, white and male. He must be Satan. Good One, Gutfeld. Lovin' it man!

Author — Dave Miner


No impeachment for trump, Demonrat please move on he won, Prepares crying again 2020!! Crocodile tears!!

Author — R K


Juan... So out of touch... "Ballooned"? *SMH!*

Author — Kate Ogadako


I went into my tool shed this morning. All I found were a bunch of Juans.

Author — jopageri1964


bloomer crickets wants to keep his money but wants your guns

Author — sir robert


Democrats didn't even care what Schultz has to say. They just started shouting him down saying you're going to help Trump. Its like, so progressive.

Author — Infinity Games


6:16 should ask her how much does that box of cheap wine cost her every morning.

Author — Brute Better


Democrats have no platform they need to come up with something fast!! 🇺🇸

Author — Lorelei Hebdon