THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal

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First official look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit!

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The Batman director Matt Reeves has finally revealed a first look at Bruce Wayne/Batman actor Robert Pattinson in the batsuit in a test video.

Production on The Batman started a few weeks ago in London, so fans have been hoping to finally get a reveal of what the newest iteration of the caped crusader would look like.

We have Robert Pattinson suited up as Gotham City’s protector, and while the red lighting (which is giving off some major Batman Beyond vibes) makes it hard to notice a lot of specific details, this Batsuit definitely looks different from the hero’s past cinematic costumes. Matt Reeves revealed on Twitter, this video was shot by The Batman’s cinematographer Greig Fraser and scored by the movie’s composer Michael Giacchino.

While the cast for The Batman has been high caliber all around, the actual look and feel of the movie has still been a big mystery with teases ranging from Reeves posting images from Adam West's Batman '66 to Robert Pattinson teasing a more brutal, less heroic take on the character.

With the star and director in place, a lot more information has since come to light. While the actual plot remains a mystery, a reported working title of “Vengeance” left some fans guessing as to what the story might be about. Plus, details that some scenes will take place in Arkham Asylum have left even more fans wondering. There is also confirmation that our hero will encounter a lot of his famous rivals during this new standalone story as well, including Riddler and Penguin.

It's unknown yet where The Batman will pick up in terms of Bruce Wayne's life, but considering the working title, it's difficult not to assume that his parents death will be a primary motivation for his actions.

The majority of the cast involved with The Batman have already been announced. Zoë Kravitz will step into the shoes of Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Colin Farrell will play Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), and Paul Dano will reportedly play the main villain of the film, Edward Nashton aka Riddler. Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) has also landed the role of Commissioner Gordon.

Key DC movie release dates include:

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) (2020)
Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
The Batman (2021)
The Suicide Squad (2021)
Black Adam (2021)
Aquaman 2 (2022)

The Batman movie will swoop into theaters on June 25, 2021. Are you excited?

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He’s the worst vampire ever. It took him years to turn into a bat.

Author — Hemlock Gtove


The music though. The music is the best thing about this, honestly.

Author — Audun Ystgaard


Looper: “here is why the filter is so important for the upcoming DC movies”

Author — DogFartz420


“You're impossibly fast and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice-cold. And sometimes you speak like you're from a different time. You don't go out in the sunlight. I know what you are”
*“Say it, out loud. Say it.”*


Author — Colonel Sanders


Hopefully his cape doesn't get stuck in a jet turbine. A wise woman once said "NO CAPES!!"

Author — Incog Spectator


The Batman: teaser released

Looper: 100 things you missed in The Batman teaser

Author — The Dead Punisher


I feel that the ben affleck deserved at least one solo movie...but this should be cool

Author — Farrukh


Heard a rumor that the bat symbol is made up of pieces of the gun that was used to kill the Waynes. I highly doubt it's true but still an interesting rumor.

Author — ischleep


This just might be good. Look at the movie Joker a lot of people hated the teaser and thought Joaquin Phoenix couldn't pull it off and he did so this could very well be the same situation

Author — Suzanne Wright


Everyone : Are you a vampire?

Robert : No, I'm Batman

Author — Erose Perwita


Fun Fact: Robert Pattinson is the only vampire in Twilight who turns into a bat

Author — CJ Lance


i can’t be the only one that heard the star wars theme in this

Author — Waffieツ



Looper: what you didn't realize about the new bat suit

Author — Kyve Smith


at first I was worried about Robert Pattinson taking on the role of Batman, but then I watched the lighthouse and relized he could actually act.

Author — Jared Burgess


After watching HISHE all I can hear is "Because I'm Batman" being sung over and over again

Author — Sakurai Shirayuki



Author — Im Just John


Bruh I want this to be so dark . him to fight death stroke, 3 movies where we see robin turn into night wing and then him to fight red hood

Author — Dennis meneses


This theme is evil and epic liking the music. It kind of has a unsettling suspense feel to it. A walking weapon in the darkness vibe to it.

Author — One Nation


When I first heard that Robert Pattycake was gonna be Batman I laughed. Then I saw Lighthouse and now I’m excited

Author — Not Slim Shady


Long one, sorry.
Can we just take a moment to really appreciate the all American hero jawline Pattinson is bringing to, I'm presuming a still adapting and learning young Batman!
I really enjoyed Ben Afflecks physique and fighting style, it reminded me so much of the arkham asylum game, so at first was skeptical of the new incarnation purely based on looks but I'm hoping Pattinson's film is the young in his prime Batman before middle age starts setting in which brings us to Ben Afflecks awesomely world weary and badass tank of a Batman.

Author — merike webb