Iraq: How ISIS gains support in Mosul? BBC News

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Take a look at how the Islamic State has been spreading their message since they've been in power in Mosul.

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Iraq: How ISIS gains support in Mosul?

No different from .... How did the US & UK gain support in destroying Iraq to begin with?
By using sophisticated media points, such as CNN & BBC.

Author — Edgar Vibar


Why does this remind me of Stalin and Hitler?

Author — Château Robinet


What heartless monster would ban crayons?

Author — Fosserboy


ISIS is a US creation to oust Assad and split Iraq into pieces.
Funny how ISIS/ISIL always attacks Israel's enemies, but never Israel.

Author — J Loftus


so you claim to show me images of crayons which are suposedly not available and empty classrooms. My god this like watching fox news...

Author — dodobird1991


Its a fact that they banned pigeon balls.

Author — sushanalone


is ideology you mean teaching the childeren about there religion and not about homosexuality. Prostitution.
Democracy. Disgusting

Author — Bakaryare Abdulaahi