Nazarbayev protégé wins Kazakhstan elections marred by protests

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Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the hand-picked successor of former president Nursultan Nazarbayev, has won Kazakhstan's presidential election with over 70% of the vote, electoral authorities said on Monday after a vote day marred by protests.

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Corruptions, frauds, lie - and all of these do people educated. Too sad.

Author — Saulemai Bektemirova


Pray for us, please. Kazakhstan is under pressure of its "government"

Author — Saulemai Bektemirova


Freedom isn't Free it has to be fought for and won. Democracy is not just choosing, it is a process where the voice of the people make it clear to the leaders that the will of the people must be respected

Author — ekami


Help to Kazakhstan.Sanctions to Nazarbaev.He is

Author — Nura Nura


😪😫 front of my eyes his killed people ! His working without our decision ! his not my president ! We are hate him !

Author — Justbucky W


France 24 journalists please help the people of this country, please... SOS

Author — Bulat K


wake up Kazakhstan We have a city to burn

Author — medet kuatov


Help!!! Help!!! European help Kazakhstan!!!!

Author — Bilim_ al_


Tokaev is not legetim president. Him people not to election

Author — Ак Жол2020


Nazarbayev wants to make himself a Tokar monarch just for the transit of his daughter’s power, a very cunning Dictator Nazarbev robbed his People

Author — Abu Aaa


Why doesn't France 24 English protest against Saudi Arabia? DO they have a democracy?

Author — JayJ


Fake president, fake elections and fake democratic. That’s what we have.. .

Author — Ramazan Orazov