Photographer's family escapes Dorian floodwaters in Bahamas

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Photographer Tim Aylen took video as he and his family escaped floodwaters that rushed into their home in Freeport, Bahamas. He says the water went from the normal flooding you might see in heavy rains to complete inundation in a matter of minutes. "We had no warning," he says.

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Send in a Carnival or Norwegian cruise ship which can evacuate thousands at a time. They make billions off The Bahamas every year.

Author — papa pie


God is showing us signs that we need to pay more attention to how we treat each other and the planet. Prayers to the Bahamas

Author — Vicassó Lara


Everyone Be careful where you send your donations, I’m already seeing a lot of frauds 😡

Author — Lisa Miller


The things we take for granted, like the sun shining on your face and dry clothes💔

Author — Taíno PR


Where are the mega churches? Where are the rich? This is unacceptable unacceptable! The Joel Olsteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar Etc where are you?

Author — Carole Carole


God only knows what is moving around under the flood water. Prayer’s Up for the Good People of the Bahama’s.

Author — Janie Langley


This is the downside of PARADISE... horrible for the people who COULD NOT get away! Best wishes to all and you WILL make a strong recovery, we believe in you!

Author — Voice of REASON


Yeah, and pets are so vulnerable. Saving my cat would be a priority. I love my kitty.

Author — gwg5640


Royal Caribbean; Carnival; Norwegian cruises... why didn't you guys stay to evacuate as many as possible?... that should become a NATO order to have those ships dock & evacuate.

I feel bad for them.

Author — MarloSoBalJr Gaming


Words can't Express what I'm feeling for these peoples safety.

Author — Michelle Clarke


My heart goes out to everyone affected by this awful prayers are with you all 😢

Author — Linda chabane


The very reason I don’t like to live near the coast . One day everything can be gone .

Author — Frank Church


God bless you and your family and thanks for helping others You're a Good Samaritan God bless you

Author — Mamie Reed


People, leave them alone and stop the criticism. They all made it out safely. Now is not the time to criticize. Plus, Tim Aylen went BACK out and helped rescue his neighbors.

Author — Harpist Los Angeles


This is heartbreaking. I heard there was a lady who was taking in abandoned dogs caught in the hurricane. Heard she had taken in close to 100 dogs...hope to God there are more people able to do the same kindness for those dogs from your neighborhood. Sending positive energy, comfort and hoping for a positive outcome.

Author — Kerryjane Voth


God be with you all, I'm praying for you all

Author — Grove Bai


Wow...such devastation. Feel so bad for the people who has lost everything...

Author — Lisa Sharples


Living here in Canada and viewing these images. One can only imagine what these poor people have gone through. May god watch over these people in their time of need.

Author — Super Man


My friend and colleague, Tim, a brave man.

Author — Lindsay Knowles


4:15 “I never considered flooding”. Category 5 hurricane. Please consider all possibilities

Author — K B