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Fancy visiting a lake that is famous for now being a dry ship cemetery? Or how about visiting the world's largest tent?
Welcome to Kazakhstan, the former closed Soviet state that promises tourists a bewildering array of attractions unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Poised strategically between Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan has long been largely ignored by the West or parodied in Hollywood.
Now it is putting out the welcome mat for foreign tourists and seeking to reinvent itself as a player on the international diplomatic stage.

But with a poor human rights record, restrictions on the press, and an authoritarian government, 101 East asks if Kazakhstan is too hard a sell.

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I really wanna visit Kazakhstan someday. I'm totally fascinated with central Asian countries

Author β€” Java Kuppa


Democracy... Al Jazeera is talking about democracy... Qatar is the Democratic stronghold.

Author β€” Alexandr Yun


I feel sorry for those who suffered at the hand of the president. At the same time though, I think it's best if he stay in power. Just like Saddam Hussein who was heavy handed, but kept the country stable. Kazakhstan needs stability and economic growth over all other things. Freedom can come later once the country is developed. We don't want Kazakhstan to turn into Iraq right?

Author β€” mutaween464


A Qatari news agency talking about human rights? Funny.

Author β€” Browns Fan


It looks like a city from the future, all it needs is flying cars lol.

Author β€” Autumn Aurora


Looking at the demographic of the population, we can tell immediately this country is like a cross road between Europe and Asia. Looks like an interesting country to visit one day.

Author β€” Dan C


''the president has been too good for too long... not too long, for a long time already" :D:D:D:D

Author β€” lkrnpk


Love Kazakhstan! Would love to go there one day and try there food, looks pretty delicious! Too bad there are barely any Kazakh restaurants here in Canada but definitely looking forward to going to the country and trying it and would be better!

Author β€” Koalafication


'MURICA: kazakhstan has oil? THEY NEED DEMOCRACY.

Author β€” mukhtaar abdirahman


these 3rd world countrys' channels talking about Kazakhstan make me cringe. when UK or USA talk about Kazakhstan as about an exotic fruit just found by whites I am like okay, they have been doing it for forever with developing countries. but when others do it in such manner I suggest them to look up the actual facts and numbers.

Kazakhstan stays at the same place on gender gap map with Canada and Australia and beat up USA in the world ranking of the school education. not mentioning about the amount of natural resources Kazakhstan exports to the west (oil, gas, potassium, uranium). the poverty, child labour, prostitution, and other stuff that exists in the majority of 3rd world countries is almost non existing here. I am not even starting on a subject of three lingual school education system of Kazakhstan.
why don't you talk about the freedom of religion and sovereign political structure of Kazakhstan that have beed ruled for centuries, or about multicultural population with more than 120 nationalities living in peace, and rapidly growing gdp? why don't you talk about the rocket station and about developed science and technology fields of Kazakhstan compared to other 2nd world countries, talk about how Kazakhstan had nuclear power and totally closed all stations right after getting it's independence? can you point out at least one country that denied nuclear power? why don't you talk about free education system and health care, the absence of death penalty and low crime rates? why don't you talk about the lowest terrorism rates? what about the campaigns on women's right and government support for mothers and children?

just shut up.
Kazakhstan might be a young country, but defenetly with more human rights and freedom than the middle east and majority of the Latin American and south easy Asian regions.

a big mistake thinking that Kazakhstan is a Muslim country. it has never been and never will be. since the medieval times the kazakhs religion was shamanism (aka paganism or atheism how you prefer) and now even majority of people claim that they akare Muslim in fact most of them are atheists. hello, we are former Soviet union country and have got nomadic background, how can we be religious? religion doesn't play a big role in our society, so even people say they are Christian or Muslim they don't practice the religion. similar to Japan, where they claim that they are really Christian but actually are Buddhist with atheist mindset.

Author β€” Sa Ba


Living in Kazakhstan 3 years more, If I will have to say one word about it then it should be "BEAUTY". Beauty in food, People, Cities, Weather, Culture everything. I really like this country especially new country got independence and development what they are doing is fantastic which sometime make me eager that why we cannot do this how Kazak are developing themselves.

Author β€” Soon Vallians Adventures


Masque built like taj mahal?? Aljazeera needs to get more info. before broadcasting wrong infos.

Taj Mahal has been built by muslims during Mughal empire. The Mughal empire rulers were these central asian turks like Kazakhs...!

Author β€” Tommy King


Looks like hermit kingdom lite version.

Author β€” Rickard Johansson


I have a Kazakh friend. She is the brightest person I ever met. I was quite surprised at first because she looked just like Korean to me. I would definitely visit Kazakhstan if I could. I don't see any problem to prevent you from visiting the country.

Author β€” Cewek Vietnam - Pecinta Indonesia


Kazakistan the new economic power house of Eur-Asia

Author β€” Farooq Ishaq


Al Jazeera always broadcasts painfully honestly! It hurts me as a citizen of Kazakhstan to see an unpleasant side of my country but it makes me proud at the same time, how far we've gotten! I wish we will learn soon how to cooperate with those who have a different point of view! Great video though!

Author β€” Free Soul


Only post-soviet country without wars?? What about Baltic countries..

Author β€” Lord of mangoes


The human rights issues in Kazakhstan is too high, lets being them some Libyan style democracy.

Author β€” Rony Koshy


Kazakhstan looks very pretty and clean and Kazakhs in general are considered the nicest of the central Asian peoples. I don't think Kazakhstan is a hard sell at all. For a very large country, she's very pretty. In many ways you can compare Kazakhstan to a model. She's tall, kind of intimidating but gorgeous nonetheless. Indeed, if Kazakhstan was a woman, I would give her a big old bear hug. I hope to one day visit this mysterious yet beautiful country.

Author β€” Richard Schiffman


The reporter from Uzbekistan. She never say about Kazakhstans superior potassium because she jealous

Author β€” Ben Fried