Stephen Isn't Above Doing Massage Parlor Jokes

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The question isn't whether or not Stephen has jokes about the salacious Florida spa owner who posed for photos with the Trumps. The only question is... how many?

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The sleaze-factor associated with this administration makes my dog blush.

Author — Mark Adderley


When Trump sees this, it's really going to rub him the wrong way.

Author — Cypressina


"...so once again, the Patriots are embroiled in a scandal involving deflated balls."
"There's a reason why they call it 'Palm Beach'."
Stephen and his writers deserve lifetime honers for monologues like this masterpiece.

Author — Mondo Shredder


Can you imagine the script writers writing this - they must've been peeing themselves laughing.

Author — Joan R


These old-man testicle jokes are such low-hanging fruit....

Author — Da Wolv


1) Hand *Employment*
2) Deflated Balls
3) Palm Beach
4) Get Him Off
5) Pulling For Bob Kraft
7) Experience Dealing With Little Pricks
8) Targeting Your Inner Circle
9) A Happy Ending

Damn, he was right.

Author — Insignificant360


Damn, Stephen. So much burn that it made global warming worse.

Author — Cheetos Ortiz


Pfft who still brags about being able to get anytime access to Trump? All you need is a cheeseburger to lure him into a meeting

Author — TheCstar07


Someone should give Stephen's writers another raise. Some of them might even get a rise out of it...

Author — Citadel of winds


"How many people does it need to get him off". ROFL. 🤣

Author — Bookie


How did Stephen get away with that "little pricks" joke?!

Author — Hazel M


Cindy Yang, or as Trump calls her, Cindy Yank.

Author — KingOfMadCows


Hoo ever sed Billionaires never deign to mix with manual labourers

Author — mark willies


Finally a job where being ambidextrous pays off.

Author — lee wang


Gotta hand it to Stephen for pulling off a great monologue.👏

Author — ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ


“I’m putting food on your children’s table right now” 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Chelsea Belle Greening


I didn't know Stephen was a champion at Massage Parlor Jokes. Congratulations.

Author — stranraerwal


"Man at Nursing home confirming he went" 🤣 Thank you for this Stephen.

Author — thillai saravanan


This may not result in a happy ending for President Trump, but I felt happy watching this video and loved its ending.

Author — Jesse Torres


8 massage parlor jokes in a row ... Yeah no need to rub it in. A world record? I think your massaging the truth a little.

Author — pixiniarts