Madeleine Albright, 'Fascism: A Warning'

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Madeleine Albright discusses her book, "Fascism: A Warning", at a Politics and Prose event at Sixth and I in Washington, DC on 4/16/18.

Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Madeleine Albright is the first woman ever to serve as U.S. Secretary of State. Over her long career as a diplomat, Albright watched Fascism rise and endure. In Fascism: A Warning, she shows us how its legacy shapes today's world. Albright believes that the momentum toward democracy that swept the world when the Berlin Wall fell has gone into reverse. Extremists on the right and left are taking power all over the globe, and we must join forces to resist in order to avoid repeating the horrors of the past. In this call to arms, Albright gives us the lessons we should take from the past, the questions we need to ask in the present, and the tools we can use to fight for our future.

Albright is in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic and a recipient of the National Magazine Award for Reporting

Produced by Tom Warren

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If only our collective hearts, minds and love of country were as is reflected in Ms Albrights' soil we can be a better place that works for us all. The 1% rules politics and government attitudes. 99% need to do everything wee can to remind the minority that we are the majority! Vote, be involved in any way you can, stand up for our old ideals with a modern twist. It's not them vs us, it's all of us, with an identity in our respective countries. What you did affects others, all others not just your small circle!

Author — AD Nunya


Google for "Disgusting Serbs", "Lies of Racak". Imagine calling her one "disgusting jew"?! This woman was protected by Serbians in WW2. Ow yeah. Nobody knows she has/had an percentage in Kosovo telecom company after the occupation of Kosovo was round. It seems she is so troubled by her family history that she itself became a blood thirsty corporate monster. She is an evil woman who is hiding behind a "liberal" "free" curtain but in real life is reviving faschism.

Author — zeepiet


Politics and Prose obviously has very well-read, intelligent audiences at their authors' talks, but ... please, GET to the question so more attendees can have a chance to ask their questions. Please stop monopolizing the mic and consider that we're more interested in hearing as many questions as possible, than your backstories, compliments, or personal anecdotes. Thank you.

Author — Lucy Ke


*Teleprompter-reader Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"; Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it." — **_60 Minutes_** (5/12/96)*

Author — Daniel Maxwell


"unwavering belief in democracy" ???? Albright endorses contempt for the rule of law.

Author — Patricia M


Trump was installed in large part, to weaken NATO and tear the European Union apart, turn it into a boys club of Fascist White ethno States each eventually assimilated into the giant Amero/Euro/Asian Fascist Totalitarianism. Here in America you have the Right-Wing Talking Machine of Fox news who has single handedly dismantled the average American's relation to the word "Liberal" to such a degree that they support Anti-Democratic propaganda without realizing that that is what they are supporting, to them a 'Liberal' is some flavor of political opposition, as defined only in opposition to conservatism as a style of Democratic operation, when in reality, outside of the US and now, because of international Trolls et al, and Fascists the ideas of 'Liberal Democracy' means nothing but 'libtard' - they don't know what they have let in the front door!!

Author — pfflam


You know you're living in an Orwellian society when someone who justified the mass murder of 500, 000+ children is lecturing on morality.

Author — John Doe


Ole Maddie did write the book - as they say

Author — Bottled Balloons


What makes or breaks a democracy is the simple process of voting and the guarantee that each vote cast counts as a vote to elect whoever gets the most votes.

Author — Joanne Brunner


I can think of no single nation that has accumulated power that has not been corrupted by that power.
Still, there are people in that same country who are not seduced or corrupted.
They hold onto the ideals and the humane visions and principles that are so easily shed by those who become addicted to power and money.

I don’t know all there is to know about Ms. Albright.
She might be hypocritical.

But even if she is....don’t dismiss any truth or wisdom that might be contained in her message.

Author — Renzo


Please! She is the personification of fascism. ''If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future''.

Author — S Hussein


Sadly her tenure as S of S and a leader of the so-called center left of the US single party (Corporate) Democracy has not enlightened her to the fact that she played a major roll in domestic & geopolitics that put out the "red carpet" for a Trump-like POTUS, or she has seen her utter failure as a diplomat and party leader and has chosen self preservation. Madeleine Albright like H.R. Clinton is unwilling to admit ushering in the WTO, NAFTA, Prison Industrial Complex, full tilt Neo-liberal economics in which profit and economic benefits defy the law of gravity and float to the top 1-10% in government, finance, energy and industry (heavy on the military) and of course her own chubby little hands. She is a shining example of everything wrong, criminal, corrupt and self serving in world governments moving into the new century. Her depth of obvious hypocrisy and effort to camouflage her own culpability in the War Crimes and (Lies) LACK of Diplomacy during her tenure is a selfish attempt to fill in the countless graves 1.5 million + of murdered innocents around the globe before she herself is found out to be a fundamental source of ideological evil ...!!!...

Author — Vgo Zelganger


Russian politics is a rotten policy in relation to the American now at the moment.

Author — Alica Patterson


Fascism..a warning .A must read for all our present and aspiring politicians

Author — Herman Kuipers


I studied that topic due to my somewhat similar history and I’m coming to the same conclusion. Democracy is hard work and it needs to be defended. Sadly enough, since soviet times (google Yuri Bezmenov) counterintelligence from the KGB has undermined western societies. After the end of socialism, those oligarchs became plain fascists. They are dividing our society by badmouthing our intel agencies and free press in order to take over control of information. That’s all you need to let people willingly handing over to a dictator.

Author — Marc N. Fraessdorf


Albright is like George W and George H W a war criminal who should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Author — Ken W. Simpson


Don't confuse small "l" liberalism with democracy. This is everywhere here.

Author — N Giardina


And what about Kosovo? You prefer to lie before the law!!!

Author — Milan Fajkus


Madeleine Albright Fascism a warning ! How dares she, she is war criminal herself !

Author — Oegoenoegoe


This whole interview/commentary is one sided pathetic show, with no chance to stay whole had that being panel discussion.

Author — Hacker M F Psofa