Can Kazakhstan Compete Without Doping?

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In this clip Zack goes over the lackluster display from Kazakhstan at recent events.

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The roids giveth, and the roids taketh...

Author — Eurobeat Enthusiast


Kazakh lifters are off that Kazakh potassium

Author — Scrubs United


With all my respect, they just demoralized, Iliya Ilin gone drunk for 2 years, because his medals was taken, you can't expect them to be as fit as before.

Author — Nurauzhan .Kushkinbayev


Yes, they are off-roids, AND they took a very long breaK.
The russians are off roids for the most of them as well, thus Apti Aukhadov totaled 150+188-9 last month in -81. At his peak he was a 170-175+, and regularly C&Jing 212kg. Do the math, you get what loss of strength cutting roids does.

That said, it means anyone close or over 85% of the WR on the C&J is on roids too, that includes westerners like H. Maurus today and B. Hennequin few years ago.

Author — White Shariah Weightlifting


What happened to the Kazakh team was political.

Author — NorthpawJinx


Dead on assessment, I thought the same thing, he looked flabby.

Author — LED Construction


Oczywiście tylko ameryka nie bierze i jest najlepsza.

Author — Bartłomiej Jędrzejczyk


Personally I like my elite lifters on gear, they need a non tested federation like powerlifting .... Imo

Author — kestin zeik


Gotta say Rahimov slimming down to 73kg was mighty suspicious by itself. Could it be he has been having trouble retaining muscle mass?

Author — Duncan Thaw


Jamaica 2.0 with Athletics. It's painfully

Author — Sub-Saharan Aaron


Do we even want to see the sport clean? We all want to see super human feats of strength but that requires super humans. Would the sport actually die if removed from the Olympic Games? In my opinion it’s not a given, it may even make people more interested

Author — J Carty


Using drugs on ur own is fine, but when u compete in a drug free competition that's not fine, look at powerlifting for example

Author — MW


Every single Olympic Lifter is on roids. You sound delusional and extremely naive. They're genetic monsters which need PEDs to regenerate from the BRUTAL, SAVAGE daily, endless training of massive liftings.

Author — Muru Muru


You probably right man, but he could have had injury or something. East didn’t look particularly strong that’s for sure.

But sometimes you sound to butt hurt man. Like US athletes never cheated in anything?!

You can’t deny the fact that East has strong weightlifting culture and top class coaches. Studies that were conducted during the Soviet times are still being implemented. The techniques arguably are superior to the West.

Author — Bulgarin GellBlaster Unit


You don’t appear to know much about weightlifting. Trust me, kid, everyone in the olympic level weightlifting uses “vitamins”, and that is the level playing field, where sportsmen compete between each other using PED. Stop talking nonsense :)

Author — Nurlan