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The TRUE STORY about an art heist thievery grabbin' that happened in 2000 and how the people responsible were caught.







All information presented is accurate to the degree we could surmise from articles, official records and published works.

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This man deserves to retrieve the password of his main channel.

Author — Fer Calories


If only these morons used Nord VPN...this heist would have been perfect.

Author — Shanky Panky


I have to say, the criminals bringing a decoy painting to the sale was a 200 IQ 4D chess move but unfortunately for them, the police was playing 5D chess with their 300 IQ brains.

Author — Laerei


"Can I get the weekends off jail time?"
"To behave responsibly?"

Actually steals paintings LIKE A BOSS

Author — Maximus The Dude


So, did anyone actually call the phone number in the video? Cause I did, and uh, it's pretty weird.

Author — The Goldsmith


What if we kissed under the Nord VPN servers? *O_O*

Author — E100Omega123


This is as good as theAntwerp diamond heist where the thieves defeated a world-class alarm system with a can of hair spray and trash bags to steel $100M of jewels.
The whole reason they got busted was because one of the guys had a panic attack and botched destroying the evidence and an old French hunter was mad kids were on his lawn.

Author — Washboard Man


Me: "why's he got a #1 dad beanie?"
20 minutes later
best foreshadowing I've ever seen"

Author — Rachel Soika


Internet historians "add thyme" is probably the only sponsor spots that I actually watch through

Author — Pete Smith


The thing that makes Internet Historian are the little gags he puts in subtly like the water dripping of the guards hand after searching the toilet in the guys cell. 6:08

Author — brandon sims


Internet Historian: Hey do you know what time it is?
Me: Ad time?
Internet Historian: Its time for a montage
Me: A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

Author — KettEgg


The lawyer is probably the dumbest person alive

Author — Batta Fyuwi


Christ, a criminal genius would find Sweden a paradise when a gang have to be incompetently stupid to be caught and still get a fifth of the team acquitted. lol

Author — Field Marshal Observant


Other YouTubers always ruin the immersion and distract me with annoying ad reading, but IH's ads are part of the content, they are content themselves and that's why I absolutely love this channel, top quality videos every time.

Author — Zach


FBI: he has a bag that looks like it could be the painting...GET HIM
Swedish Cops: They have something that looks like it could be the painting...we shall wait.

Author — Sir Francis Gaming


and we would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for that pesky boat seller.

Author — Dr Zombie


“And nothing has ever been stolen again”
Me: looks outside my window in minneapolis
minneapolis: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Anglo-Saxon In Asia


God, TRO's acting is stop notch. (Not a spelling mistake)

Author — Ng Jun Xiang


“Hey, this guy just robbed a store, why can’t we just let him out on the weekends. We trust him to come back to prison”

Author — Weston Harris


Can we take a moment for the Swedish justice system.The amount of people that got away with kisses on the cheek for this is appalling.

Author — Nortechel