US blames Iran for Saudi oil attack despite Iranian denials | DW News

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After two drone attacks hit the Abqaiq Oil facility, the largest of its kind, and the Khurais oil field, Yemeniti Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks. Nervertheless the US Administration blames Iran to be behind the Saudi oil attacks, saying satellite images show they were not carried out from Yemen as Houthi rebels claimed. President Donald Trump says the US could respond militarily to attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. Trump tweeted "There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, (we) are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the (Saudi-Arabian) Kingdom".

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Leave Iran alone. THE WORLD KNOWS THE TRUTH ! The Monster has no clothes ! Old TRICKS BY OLD MEN ... haha

Author — Barbara Hatfield


I'm already against the next war.

It's based on lies. How do I know? They're all based on lies

Author — W L


When children and weddings are bombed in Yemen western media and leaders are quiet. The western leaders talk often about human rights but in reality care more about oil facilities.

Author — Mac Panah


Welldone USA sell your stored oil at high price in world market and also your weapons to saudis and aggression against Iran🤗🤗🤗

Author — Ali Khan


US military forces are everywhere in Saudi Arabia. How in the world they can let this attack happen?? despite of their technology prowess in security.

Author — Alex Matibag


Israel's pawn Bolton gets fired... a few days later guess what, Saudi oil fields are attacked and oh! it was Iran. Right ....

Author — Adrian A


The fact that Pompeo claimed Iran was behind it, before any statement by the Saudis, should clarify the truth.

Author — bandeye khoda


They lied about The Maine to get us into war against Spain, they lied about The Lusitania to get us into war against Germany, they lied about The Gulf of Tonkin to get us into war in Vietnam, they lied about WMD to get us to go to war in Iraq, they lied about chemical weapons to keep us bombing in Syria. And they expect us to believe them this time.
But why shouldn’t they. As long as they have our so called free press repeating the lies uncritically on continuous loop.

Author — dklyde


It's proved that Saudis are not safe even with their billions dollars spent in defense systems!

Author — David RC


Where was the expensive defence system Saudi bought from USA
Or did the Saudis forget to turn it on
Think about it who benefits from this

Author — choudhary tahir


California solar panels can take care of them. Let Saudi’s fight Iran, they were meeting to raise prices anyway

Author — Brett S


Damn so many critical thinkers and enlightened individuals nowadays. The veil is lifting. 😍

Author — ᴀʙᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ᴀʙᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ


Where is so called mighty Patriot & THAAD missiles bought & stationed in KSA. Are they Sleeping!

Author — ganidhu perera


Who takes it serious what is said by the USA?🤔

We-lie-steal-and-cheat-Pompeo is just doing what he does best. And Trump is the Stable Genius as usual.

Author — KB B


This is totally fiction, USA STINK OF CORRUPTION AS USUAL,

Author — Francis69691


"There is reason to believe..." is code for "This is not the facts, but we want you to believe the following..."
Similar to the well known phrase "According to anonymous sources..."

Author — Marius van Vuuren


How can you believe anything that comes out of the USA these days. The President has admitted before sometimes he just makes things up. Alternative facts are no reason to go to war. Besides what has this got to do with the USA?

Author — Don't Bet on It


Well, I do not have to 'blame' anyone, all sane people know that the US like to play nasty tricks on humanity!

Author — maanvol


Not Iran but exiled Saudi princes and mossad behind the Aramco attack

Author — Hayati Kachwala


Don’t fall for it Mr President. What would Iran gain when you are trying to negotiate for peace. Iran denies the bombing.

Israel? The last country to bomb and American flag ship. They would benefit from a war with Iran. Or Saudi Arabia? The most hijackers on 911. They too would benefit from war with Iran.

Author — Jack Cameron