Bongino Rips Obama for Blasting Trump in Speech

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As seen on "Fox & Friends"

Dan Bongino said Saturday on Fox & Friends that former President Barack Obama's speech, which blasted President Trump and the GOP, was "disgraceful."

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Obama is the embodiment of all the reason ppl don't trust politicians.

Author — LET'S_be_REAL_tho 55


Obama legacies !!! One of the major players (if not the biggest) player who Divided this nation . What a SHAME!



Barack is a despicable creep, pay him no mind.

Author — Men On A Mission with JAMES ADAMS


Trump is doing a fantastic job for our nation, our freedom and our economy. Let's leave it at that.

Author — Carlos Pacheco


God Bless President Donald Trump.
Every Americans President.

This person is Jealous, simple as that, he can’t handle that he couldn’t do the Job Like our President Donald Trump.

Author — Gilbert Thomas


LOVE Dan Bongino.. He is SO accurate in what he says...It's how 65% of the nation feels..

Author — Victoria Grahm


It's not even worth commenting
Trump us President

Author — Elizabeth S


How unbecoming of a former president to speak against the current President, in such proud arrogant terms.  Something's wrong with this picture. These people have no class, or goodness.

Author — Esoteric Mystery


We must never let Obama and Hillary happen again in this country. Vote Dem Out!

Author — NYY65


Ugh. Who can listen to that voice for a second, much less an hour. >.<
No thank you!

Author — mary mary


Obama is struggling to not being regulated as one of the worst presidents in the world and having anything resembling his legacy trashed because he had to use executive orders to do anything because he could never make a deal that could pass in the congress because of his authoritarian attitude and methods.

Author — Rusharn Mal


This man has followed TRUMP all over the place..shadowing him all over the world to say HE was the real president..the guy is having a nerveous breakdown .its so obvious to all of us watching..he looks terrible, his health is really looking bad to..i think hate and coke are a bad mix. He admitted use with jz an Beyonce in the white house an laughed about it...THE guy is just loosing it...people see what he has done to America and are fed up with his antics...time to let it go...hope he comes to terms with his loss of credability..a fool now..needs to shut it down.. .way way too sick to do anything..prison would be a rest actually...death is imminent at this point

Author — Marilyn Dillard


Barraaaak...Sounds like somebody puking!!
But then he IS a PUKE!!

Author — Peter O


I absolutely love Dan Bongino.
This AMERICAN Representative speaks the truth...the whole truth...& nothing but the truth.
I'm so glad he's on the CONSERVATIVE SIDE.
Much love from Mobile Alabama.

Author — Randy Miller


I absolutely love dom and I Love all you guys at fox for going against the flow of this utter madness of the left. I absolutely rubbed my hands together when Obama did that speech. Have those dems not learnt anything yet?? I am in the UK and I voted for Brexit..Obama came to London just a week before the vote to speak to the UK people about how terrible it will be if we voted to leave the EU. What he actually did was anger the people more and he then drove more people to vote to leave the EU. Trust me this speech, like all those who keep patronising the every day people, will do more harm to the left. Because today everyone of us working class hit the roof over this crazy man's speech. Just sit back and get the popcorn ready for November because this boosh bah just signed the lefts death warranty

Author — Nickij71 Robo


Hussein is jealous of a real man and Trump is far and above more intelligent than the looser ever will be

Author — George ONeal


I never knew that mr. Bongino walked away from his pension, medical benefits based on his honest, down to earth convictions and stood to this fraud and con artist that was and still is obama he has my most upmost respect as a person and American !!! God bless him !!!

Author — Rik Z


HANG HUSSEIN We the people are SICK of the left’s LIES😖

Author — yvonne schindler


Thomas Sowell: Obama: worst president in US history

Author — Rosalind dances


Usually whatever the democrats are saying, they are talking about themselves!

Author — Martha C