Killing Jamal Khashoggi: How a Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded | NYT - Visual Investigations

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An autopsy expert. A lookalike. A black van. Our video investigation follows the movements of the 15-man Saudi hit team that killed and dismembered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Our team feels honored that this video investigation was awarded Video of the Year 2018 and Best News Feature 2018 by the Society of Publication Designers at a ceremony in New York on May 3. Recognition of stories like this helps, a little, to further the case for justice, which his family has not yet received. Thanks to followers of the Visual Investigations team and supporters of our work.

Author — Malachy Browne


The fact that the world moved on without actually doing anything is horrifying

Author — FavJam


Great investigative journalism here, it is rare these days. Keep it up!!

Author — iDemandU90


Trump threatens all out war with Iran over an unmanned drone, but shrugs off the murder of a US journalist.

Author — bisquitnspanky


This gives me the creeps. Imagine that you just doin your job and went inside a building and you never walk outside ever again

Author — brilliyan ibnu


this story really makes my blood these people can get away with killing someone with zero consequences for their actions!

Author — ottobong


UK loves Saudi money.. The UK doesn't care about 'human rights'

Author — Dulce periculum


Nothing will happen with the one who has power, they can do anything. And we just can talk in comments and nothing more. Everyone will forget him soon. And this is the reality of this world.

Author — Subham Behera


Don’t need Interpol, FBI or detectives when you got New York Times

Author — Harryboi 64


Honestly, these are the most informative videos I've seen, and I've only seen two. First one was the Las Vegas analysis. Excellent work.

Author — TChops 2019


looks like they're new to the "making people disappear" thing.

Author — Trrevor Lewis


1.1k dislikes are the Saudi Government and certain ppl.

Author — fpshooterful


Heartbreaking story...
But excellent journalism.

Author — Lumpy Space Prole


The U.S and the UK will not question the saudi regime because of oil.

Author — English man


It's like a great thriller movie, but this is a real life true story😢

Author — Jay Phive


This Irishman really does some fabulous reporting

Author — Mike Dean


There is absoultely NO WAY that something as consequential and potentially damning as the pre-meditated killing of a dissenter in a foreign embassy was done without the blessing of the highest ranking official in the land. I have no doubt in my mind that Mohammed Bone Saw personally authorized this egregious crime. Something as crucial as this would NEVER be concealed from the ruler of the entire nation because doing so without his consent would more than likely mean death.

Author — Eli M.


I am disgusted of politicians who continue to shake hand and do business with mass murderers..

Author — log140


I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood makes a movie of this someday.

Author — racoonzattack


I am extremely disappointed by what US government react.

Author — Destruction Z