What Is Going On In The Carolinas!?

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Why is the truck show scene in the Carolinas so different from the rest of the US, and what is going on at their meets?!

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💬 Comments on the video

I came here in search of answers and only found more questions.

Author — Jake Urbom


“ WhY iT SiT lIkE DaT”
Palmetto exclusives
Rollin royalty
Costal creepin
Palmetto struttin

“Aye you tryna go to cookout”

*15 trucks park at cookout*
*Blasting Dababy, Stunna 4 Vegas, lil baby, young dolph on there PAs with subs beating and shiney rainbow lights in the wheels with there bright ass LED headlights*

“ AyE bEaT tHe BoX”

*Anything with a GM 5.3L or Fords 4.6 or 5.4 or dodges 4.7 5.7 with true dual straights gutted cats and no mufflers to anywhere from 6” tips to 14” tips*

“ Babababaababababababab bababababababababbabaaba

*Cops show up tells eveyone to leave everyone then meets at Walmart*

Author — I Got Your Six


Let’s be honest I live in North Carolina and none of us know what’s going on and probably never will

Author — Sam 420


You forgot to mention the Salt Life stickers in the back window, flat brim hats and white frame Costa del Mar's.

Author — J. Simmons


Male to Male mating call I'm guessing?🤔

Author — dillonJ


Why not blow the damn motor you can get another for like 300$ and we literally have nothing better to do in nc

Author — Jordan Mcguire


So as a Carolina resident, I can confirm that this is happening. The Squat is supposed to symbolize what your truck does when a trailer is attached or if you have a heavy load in the back of your truck. It is just a 'Permanent' version of this. As far as the hand bouncing, it is bouncing the limiter and that is about it. At a few meets, people will match their hand with the rev limiter which is what it started as but now people do it just to symbolize the rev bounce. Honestly stupid but these are the reasons why they are done. Hope this helps!! @CLTCars on IG (Like the comment so everyone can see the reason)

Author — Chase Peterson


0:00 the first 8 seconds made my night lmfao

Author — B rant310 _


We Carolinians don't even know what's going on here 😂please help us

Author — Bigfoot Smith


I live in South Carolina it’s more of a high schooler to college thing once you get older you get over it

Author — Smokey Bear


Because inbreeding and meth are still prevailant in that part of the country🤔

Author — shawn tims


As someone from the Carolinas and know of the southern style lean they have to keep the back low so their fat girlfriends can get in the back

Author — Mason Miller


😂 its called hitting the box down here. I dont get it either because it more so ends up blowing radiators 😂

Author — Chaz Dennis


I can confirm that the Squat is real down luckily they don’t come to cars and coffee

Author — deathraydave


That white Silverado with the replicas on it is nice, that’s how I’d do mine, not quite as much of a squat tho

Author — imserious2187


zip ties. N bias plies special hold Er in the ketchup

Author — Greasemonkey 500 H.O


“Hit the box” -North Carolina hand gesture

Author — TJ Thompson


I once tried to reach the limit of my rev, but realized my 350 small block only floats valves, belt shredded and cut vacuum line, I soon realized I was no match for the cool kids

Author — Luke Brown


you’d be surprised with what goes on in GA 😳

Author — Max Prochnow


I live in South Carolina and don’t condone this behavior😂

Author — Jack Wiseman