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Hundreds of shocking mobile phone videos from Cameroon have surfaced in the past six months. They are coming from the English speaking part of the country, where rebels are fighting to form an independent state called "Ambazonia".

BBC Africa Eye have analysed these films, shedding fresh light on who is responsible for the violence.

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Author — BBC News Africa


I weep for Africa. I weep for my beloved continent. Day by day, everything worsens. How in God's name will a government sworn to protect it's citizens kill them without remorse. It saddens my heart. My chest hurts thinking about this issues. The same problem is happening in Nigeria where President Muhammadu Buhari's Fulani herdsmen are killing citizens. I just can't understand. This is a continent I love with all my heart yet the leaders have chosen to make a mess of their countries. Sad.

This Leaders must be held accountable for the atrocities they are committing. They must not go free.

Author — Dindu


AFRICA... We fought for independence. After that... our leaders enslave us. When will this continent grow??? When will our leaders realise we are one??? Where is the president of Cameroon??? It's really sad...

Author — to tosh


The truth is that the Cameroonian government is a parody.
You only have to listen to the youth of Cameroon (Northerners, Westerners, Southerners, Anglo, Franco, Bafang, Bassa, Ewondo, Hausa, etc) and they will say the same thing: the old men that sit in power do not want to let it go. Once they sense that the end is near, they fly to France and die there.

Every youngster in Cameroon only dream of one thing: leaving Cameroon. Even their parents want them to, and so do their grandparents. There is NO FUTURE with the current CORRUPT and BANKRUPT government. The only thing the Cameroonian government distributes for equally and for free is DESPAIR and POVERTY. Masterates are selling shoes at the markets, Graduates are selling chewing gums or driving taxis. Meanwhile, the "elites" have their 3year-old sons and daughters flying in and out to America, France, The UK...every holiday. And the middle class's ideals are now so rotten they only dream of becoming elite any cost.

What does the president say? Nothing. He is a puppet with no brain cells left. But then, what do you expect from a 80+ years old's demented shell who can't even walk by himself? Yet, he holds the post because everyone around him wants to crack the sugar behind his back. No chance they would be caught, no matter what they did, do and will do, election after election.

As for what is happening in the Anglo region, there is more to it than just a language or cultural divide. There is MONEY at stake. Government-endorsed trafficking, drug trades, smuggling. The Anglo region is the GOLDEN GATE into the increasingly-flourishing Nigeria, which has strong links with the USA. But what is more, is that the Anglo region gives a solid footing into the Commonwealth to Cameroonian authorities. Anyone who knows how strong the commonwealth partnership is in the world (i.e funding, money, prestige, the Queen, etc.) can easily do the maths and see how much the greedy government benefits from its commonwealth membership, much more than its Francophonie subscription (France sucks, and so does its "cultural" organisation).

For these reasons, Cameroonian authorities will NOT allow any claims or criticisms to emerge from the Anglo region. Hence the cynical politics of quietening the mass before they end up showing their faces on YT or Facebook. Unfortunately, that is also a recipe for more and more resentment and extremism. "Ambazonia" is the start-up concept, and it will fail. But it shows the way to more extremist and separatist groups in the years to come. History repeated, once again?

If anything needs to be done, it needs to happen from within the country. But with the other regions being divided among tribes, ethnicities, villages and chefferies, a lot of these being full-on uneducated, miserable and impoverished people, I doubt any one will question the government's actions out loud. You would expect the main city of Douala to step in and play the card of its importance in the countrie's GDP. But no, business must go as usual; it's a question of survival.

So, really BBC, if you are going to do a report on Cameroon, please start from the BEGINNING. Throwing out breadcrumbs of information is NOT documenting, it is sensationalising. There is much more at stake in this story, mainly because, for the past 50 years, people in the EU have been under the sweet illusion that "At least, there is no war in Cameroon. It should serve as a good example to Chad, RDC, Centrafrique". Europeans just don't want to admit that they were WRONG.

One thing is for sure: politics are easily the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

Author — Nachannachle


It's sad. My Africa is burning. My Africa is flooded with blood. 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Fulani killings in Nigeria is now intense. Have we forgotten we are all blacks. We are from the same root. God placed us on a continent blessed in riches. When Will all these stop? 😭😭😭😭😭

Author — aliyu ramatu


Cameroonians are the nicest Africans I’ve ever met. I’ll be praying to God and be asking the Virgin Mary to pray for you too. Love from Ghana.

Author — Charles A. Asamoah


I want to thank BBC for shedding light to this conflict.

Author — Camer Pikin


It’s been going on for so long. Camereon president must step down

Author — SIMPLY FABOLOUS peterson


Can we live in peace with each other? Silent killings everywhere. Fulani killing people in Nigeria and these killings in Cameroon. Can we stop and see how alike we are rather than different. We say we love God but yet we act the way we do. Lord touch our hearts including our government.

Author — Sisivales


Other nations might have relaxed abit from their colonies but France has done more harm to African nations that were under their rule than no other imperial nation.

Author — Trish Mukisa


Nearly all Francophone countries have become worse after independence. And I say this as an African.

Author — Blood Damu


If Nigeria hadn't handed over them to the Cameroon government when the international court order them to ... things could have been different

Author — Enternex Enternex


The BBC should have noted that Issa Chiroma or the spokes person of the Cameroonian Government is a well known liar. He's the same person who called the Anglophones "an insignificant minority". The 86 year old dictator and his regime have promised FULL immunity to these soldiers and that is why they have the audacity to film their atrocities.
The claim that these people are Anglophones wearing BIR uniforms is a blatant lie. The government knows them well cos they sent them to kill the Anglophones... They try to manipulate the world with lies..

*** My sister's brains were blown out by these animals while she was going for choir practice, so yes I'm hurt.
They killing us in front of everyone and they're getting away with it.

Author — Truth-B Told


I wake up everyday praying my parents pick up the phone when i call them. The government knows exactly what is going on and what they need to do, but would rather kill innocent people and keep on lieying and trying to cover their tracks. Like it says at the end of the video 'NOTHING STAYS HIDDEN FOREVER'. Thank you the BBC so much.

Author — Gisele Muse


I'm from China and I have a very good friend from Cameroon. Last year when we planned to travel to Cameroon she told me that it was a peaceful country and that even though there were terrorists in the neighbor countries Cameroon was free of turmoils. But one year later now everything has changed. I hope she and her family are safe there even though we lost connection on social media.

Author — Xihang Yang


The evil that the government of Cameroon has done to our people will never go unpunished

Author — Fanka Maurice Kongwir


Sometimes I question what exactly is the work UN...until it grows into a proper arms struggle these foreign powers will keep turning a blind eye. Anyways, they are the ones to profit from the resulting arms sales. I weep for Africa.😢😭

Author — John


The African continent apparently is led by dictators who have no inkling of what democracy is

Author — Mya Reigns


Tchiroma says they are "investigating" it. What a joke! Amnesty International and Int'l Crisis Group asked for them to investigate these killings since 2016 and nothing has ever be done and now he promises an investigation. How hilarious

Author — Ngala Hansel


Nigeria that suppose to be peace keeper is also on terrorism issues. God never turn back upon Africa

Author — Ayuba John