Coronavirus global death toll surpasses 10,000 +++ California on lockdown | DW News

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More than 10,000 people have died from the coronavirus outbreak, according to the latest figures. The majority of those deaths are no longer in China, where the virus was first detected, but in Italy. Almost 3,500 people have now died from the virus there and infections in the country have surged past 41,000.
Across the globe, California has now imposed a state-wide lockdown. The announcement in California follows an extraordinary alert from the US State Department. Americans have been told not to travel out of the country under any circumstances. Citizens abroad should return to the US immediately unless they plan to remain overseas.
Other corona-related developments around the world:
- Austria is extending stringent restrictions on movement until April 13. The country has reported more than 2,200 cases and six deaths.
- Ukraine expects to receive ten million coronavirus tests from China in the next two days. The shipment will also include masks, disinfectant and ventilators.
- Hard-hit Iran has appealed for international pressure to bring an immediate end to US sanctions so it can import medicine and equipment desperately needed to fight the pandemic.
- US President Trump has cancelled plans to host the G7 summit in June. Instead, he plans to meet with leaders from the world's wealthy democracies via video-conference.

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Actually it is a war, against invisible enemies

Author — Man X


Hah! Your translation missed the last sentence from the Chinese doc. He said “I don’t understand what people thinking!” Italy may need further restrict social activity, in his mind as an expert.

Author — Sabrina


Germany really needs shutdown or will be like italy !

Author — Marcos galvão


The reporter didn't translate that Chinese doctor's last sentence: "...I don't even know what do you guys think you are doing"

Author — Richard L


Causes of Large Crisis across the World. Causes of Level VI.

Author — MonMonZip


And it's still the beginning. Let's hope we get wiser and stronger after this ends

Author — Peter Solar channel


It amazed me how it takes 3 months for the world to open their eyes. 3 months !

Author — Porschen Hund


When drinking with friends and late night parties are more important than life of own and others.

Author — no name


10:05 I have a problem with your philosophy.

Author — Nathan Rodriguez


I'm guessing we'll be closing in on 15, 000 by tomorrow. We have only 29 cases so far, but we have an outbreak in a local nursing home.

Author — JB


We have passed the 10.000 mark weeks ago...China didnt even have nearly enough testkits to test the living.

Author — deee 327


We know how credible those numbers from china are

Author — A guy with an Anime profile


Boris wiping out parts of the English population, or “herd”

Author — David T


6:46 😢 I feel sorry for that couple, missing their children and grandchildren. Bless their hearts and may they find comfort in whatever ways they are still able to communicate.

Author — Sweet Sū shānnà 甜 苏珊娜


“Herd immunity” = thinning the herd by allowing transmission among the herd.

Author — Mister Man


Ever since the lockdown it's been quite quiet here I frequently hear ambulances in the distance and occasionally some in my neighborhood

Author — ZimrDesign


If one day were gonna die might as well go out today? Girl, you can be an asymptomatic carrier spreading the virus unnecesarily.

Author — K RR


Thank you, DW for the update. Your voice is precious during this time. I pray the LORD watch over all of you, and give wisdom to skirt this threat.

Author — Gary McAleer


5 days later, 3 month job for the corona virus has been 5 days job.

Author — StormyZ


Thumbs up to the DW staff for keeping us informed!!!

Author — shanaka jayatilake