Top 5 Secrets About DANTDM That You Didn't Know!

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Top 5 Secrets About DANTDM That You Didn't Know!
Daniel Middleton is an English YouTube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM. His online video channels have covered video games, especially the popular game Minecraft. As of May 2017, his channel has over 9.8 billion views and 14.9 million subscribers, and has been listed among the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. He has earned several Kids' Choice Awards as well as set Guinness World
Records for his gaming and presenting.
Here are the 5 secrets about DanTDM that you probably did not know!

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Dont you have secrets!? Stop telling someones secrets!

Author — SpaCATti


This is going well to be a awesome vid because I love dan the diamond minecart

Author — Pandeon Gamer


I love this video now i can tell all these facts to my friends thx! Ill like the iTunes card and keep up the great work!

Author — LaserPopsicle


Everyone who watches dantdm knows he has a brother. He made a video where his brother literally smashes up dr trayaurus's lab.
(Edit) oh you put a clip of it.

Author — GachaLuv YT


this is not ok you shouldn't share someone else's personal life just because your greedy to get more subs

Author — Elyse Davis