Trump properties touched alleged Russian mobsters

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President Trump and his properties have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations and money laundering.

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OH BOY!!! This is starting to boil up!!! Nobel prize for the journalist that take down the Trump organization!!!

Author — John R.


So Trump's building the wall to pay back his debt to the Russians he owes so he will use Russian steel

Author — joseph salcido


This guy can't talk right
probably too many sausage sandwiches, what do you think

Author — 1949dodgejm


trump makes gwb look like a nobel laureate

Author — Ender MX


what happened, a russian mobster rent a room at a trump hotel

Author — Serra Mesa Bill


It's going to be the domino affect the biggest domino ( Trump ) will be the last unfortunately to fall this has been the most bizarre turn of events in my 50 years of voting Dan Rather was interviewed the other day and said he had never seen anything like it unfortunately before anything Osborne done our country our democracy our very word will suffer from this evil tyrannical person and his minions

Author — Kathleen Tyson


Donald Trump he need to care himself he don't who is mess with Russian they don't play Russian.

Author — Joel Ibarra


China owes 72% of British train tracks. Arabia Saudi owns 67% of Kensington in London

Author — Abec Hill


Let's say you borrow money to build a business, and you have no other interests than your own. thus you do not know or care about the business entity, be it a bank or who have you, does that make you in collusion with that business entity you borrowed from?

What about all our banks (who probably colluded with each other)(never investigated by the way) that were bailed out by we, the tax payers for their lies to the public. We did not collude with them, yet we're basically associated with them.

So, give me a break. If I borrow from some loan company, I do not know if they have any crime family behind them, or if they're laundering money!

When I sold my home, I did not know where the buyers got their money from, nor did I care one bit. I was moving on, to buy another home or start my business with my capital gains.

Author — MN Lare