Coronavirus around the world: March 22, 2020

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U.S.A. Swimming and U.S.A. Track & Field, as well as other olympic committees around the world, called for the 2020 Olympic Summer games in Tokyo to be postponed, due to growing novel coronavirus concerns.

Spain, which is dealing with the second worst COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, showed no signs of improvement as the death toll surpassed 1,700 as the confirmed and presumptive cases reached close to 30,000 on Sunday.

South Korea reported 98 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, maintaining a downward trend in daily infections.

North Korea's official news agency reported U.S. President Donald Trump wrote to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, offering help fighting the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Lebanese army on Sunday deployed helicopters to fly over cities, blasting out messages urging people to stay at home.

India has launched a 14-hour long daily curfew to limit the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Health experts said India's cases have been growing at a rate seen during the early stages of the outbreak in other hard-hit countries.

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For their protection the World should delay the games.

Author — Stormrunner0002


If we don't stop the Olympics, it's going to be a death festival.

Author — Jum9 P


When they said 60% of world population will be infected, that was damn true. The worst is yet to come. Oh God help us 🙏

Author — General El-Nino ElNino


like an episode of the twilight zone...

Author — starshine


Japan: "The Games will go on!"
Virus: "Hold my Corona."

Author — Kerkopes


If those irresponsables don't postpone Olympics, thousands of athletes will keep training at their limit in the worse possible circumstances right now.
Health fist, athletes need a break to keep safe them selves and their families.

Author — gonzayare


If one player is impacted, During Olympic season, the player's teammates should do self isolation for two weeks. It's unfair

Author — 김우일


Meanwhile people in North Korea are like, “Who’s Covid?”

Author — Kramas Music


*Coronavirus:* ▪Exists▪
*Governments:* Avoid Social Gatherings!
*People of Gen Y and Z:* Let's go to the beach and party! 😂👊🏼

Author — WannaBe Hipster


Did u see the ear thermometer sheesh that puts everyones germs in all ears unless theres a new cap put on each person

Author — Barbara C


Japan: "The Games will go on!"
Canada, Australia: "We will boycott Tokyo 2020".
World: "We will also boycott it".
Japan: "We are first place of Olympic games in number of medals!"

Author — Bari Forever


United States
Coronavirus Cases:
43, 469

Author — Alex


2019 E bike motorcycle summer 20 V a how do do you change the speed on

Author — Vincenzo Deleo


People with mild symptoms don’t get tested in Japan. Some people assume the authority is manipulating the figure of confirmed cases by reducing the number of tests conducted. Is olympics that important?

Author — Kei LY


The IOC and Japan, it seems, unofficially decided to postpone the Olympics to Autumn 2020 or Summer 2021. They said that cancellation is NOT an option and would do everything they could for the athletes around the globe. It will be officially announced soon.

Author — DadeReamer


Most countries under-reacted initially, now they are overreacting.

Author — Tom Ski


It’s almost if the world is telling us to relax a bit

Author — Tesh Games


THis plan will NOT work-think about it!!

Author — paul Drake


Somebody please remind me
who won the 2016 Olympic
gold medal 🏆 in
Rhythmic Gymnastics...
Hmmm??? I thought so...

Author — Laker Madness


Naps lie about no cases, , ,
Money and power is death today, don't go

Author — Usa mabaho