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As coronavirus spreads to the US, John Oliver discusses what’s being done to fight the illness, what’s gone wrong, and how to stay safe.

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Oh my god!
I am so happy that Last Week Tonight show featured my dance on the show and mr John Oliver even danced to my choreography
Dance and music is our language to spread the words to the world!

So proud to be a Vietnamese dancer!

I wish all of you would be safe and sound during this Covid-19 (Corona Virus) season!

Peace and Love from Viet Nam <3



16 days later, we Canadians can finally watch this episode.

Author — yousahdood


“Its very much under control” Trump said, and three weeks later, it had gone from a few dozen cases to almost 41, 000 and close to 500 deaths. Right.

Author — WildKittyCat


"Only 2% die" doesn't sound bad, unless you *are the 2%.*

Author — Ralph Bernhard


People are panicking over toilet paper and all I can think it, "do I have enough coffee?"

Author — pschroeter1


One thing we can all agree on: the Vietnamese hand washing song does slap

Author — TheSodakboy93


I can’t believe he appointed Corona Watch to the very person who damned an entire city to the spread of HIV because he doesn’t believe in contraception.

Author — Angel Of Clarity


I love those little jokes that are easily missed. For instance, the werewolf solution is listed as "all supernatural."

Author — Jess Ragan


Just want to add, the chorus on that song is 20 seconds long. Perfect for washing your hands to.

Author — Meagan Castro


'it dies with the hotter weather' - Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia beg to differ.

Author — Valerie Vivian


There's an irony in the fact, that a song about preventing a pandemic, ultimately went viral itself.

Author — Richard Spere


"Its the difference between having a working submarine and a cool metal tube to die in." LOL.

Author — Oscar Egbogu


It shouldn’t take a deadly virus like the corona to make everyone stay hygienic, sanitised and keep their hands clean. You should be doing that shit anyway!

Author — Adam Rash


Trump: “I don’t understand the difference.”
Rest of the world: “We know you don’t...”

smh 🤦‍♂️

Author — Mason Schwalm


Coming soon to Fortnite: the "Wash your hands" victory dance.

Author — DJ Doppler


The part with the Iranian politician feels like it’s straight out of an English comedy sketch.

Author — wisetrollman


I went to WerewolfSolution.com

I should not have gone there...

Author — Traveling Ken


"...which is based on the exact same amount of science!"

*Throws bottle off screen.*
Holy crap I lost it.

Author — VacentViscera


The corona song is like the modern ring around the rosie from the black plague

Author — Griffin Goldstein


Watching this as a german student, not being allowed to go to school rn, I must say, its the only video ever about the virus I could enjoy... You did a really great job here and I'm so happy, you listed in your list not being a racist! Thanks for that episode, it just really helped me to be able to deal with this situation because in Germany it's huge and nearly everything except for shops where you get food is closed since today which is really strange and creepy. Sry for the long maybe a bit crazy comment...

Author — My Mind