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As Chinese authorities struggle to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, they're also working to silence the growing number of critics of the government's crisis plans. Censors have been erasing critical social media sites. At least two outspoken citizen journalists have disappeared. Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin are among those whose whereabouts are unknown. And citizens were outraged at the death of Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang, who raised the alarm about the virus. Meanwhile, China has reported 97 more deaths from the Corona virus and more than two thousand new infections, claiming these are the lowest figures since January. Officials also predict the epidemic could be over by April. But the World Health Organization disagrees, arguing it's too early to say whether infections have peaked. They're warning the outbreak poses a global threat potentially worse than terrorism. And people in and outside of China are beginning to question the accuracy of the information they are getting.

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We will never know the real numbers... RIP all those that tried to find out.

Author — Here Now


Chinese government: "We get rid of people who make us look bad to the rest of the world."
Rest of the world: "That makes you look even worse."

Author — PeekyBlue


What a coincidence that deadly new disease hits China after its citizens start major protests against it's communist goverment

Author — zach jamison


They're killing off the whistleblowers that are reporting the truth.

Author — Andy Grice


The Chinese government is responsible for deaths of thousands around the world.

Author — Game Playnia


This is a plan by the Chinese government to destroy the economy of the world and become the superpower itself
If somebody disagrees then pls tell me why

Author — Can I get 10k subscribers without any video


Everyone knows what "under control" means.

Author — Christa Lorenz Free


I love Chinese people in China, , but I hate the Chinese Government....

Author — April Villa


The Chinese government has to pay for this! They caused an economic slowdown of epic proportions

Author — boondockpaint


As I Chinese, my feelings are beyond anger and sadness for the citizen reporters, there’s no freedom of speech or truths in China.

Author — Na Lu


After they made this virus they will make cure so that they can sell it to the world its all about money and control

Author — Uso's brutalino


He's under control.
Control being a graveyard.

Author — Daniel Mcleod


This man and ones like him, trying to fight the government to get to the truth, are the ones we need to allow into our country.

Author — Curlyanne B


He is either hiding or they took him. China lied about how bad it really was. It’s time to take charge of our futures

Author — Randy Bender


China sure loves "disappearing" its own citizens.

Author — TheZeek


These are the final days of the Communist Regime.

Author — Friend Friends


I pray for every human being in different cities affected by the disaster virus. God please help them overcome this virus and recovery

Author — Celebrity Advice Guidance


are the elderly being "let go"when families cannot pay???? death by old age, sort

Author — rick couture


CCP: "You may die but that's a sacrifice I am willing to make."

Author — 向你祖母問好


What is more scary than the virus in China is the government

Author — Alan Parker