Italian towns in COVID-19 lockdown

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Around a dozen towns in Italy are in lockdown as the country races to contain the biggest outbreak of coronavirus in Europe after a surge in cases.

Authorities in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto have ordered schools and universities to close for at least a week, while museums and cinemas have been shut and the last two days of Venice Carnival called off.

It comes after the number of people infected with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in Italy jumped sharply to above 130.

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If they are really scared about this virus, stop the flights and be smart

Author — RMP


That woman that said "unnecessary" has no clue what is about to take place worldwide.

Author — buckreed1


They should have banned the flights from China as early as possible.

Author — M D


“Unnecessary”? Yeah, good luck with that lady.

Author — Jayme Romero


The woman who said it's unnecessary should see a doctor for her brain

Author — A


What did they expect?, they are allowing people to come and go from China as they please, we don't have a cure, it's not rocket science, this was always going to be the outcome, play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Author — Oden Detective


the italian government isn't prepared yet to face a similar emergency. Just look how the people root all the supermarkets in just 1 day. Thursday the media said: "just be calm, it's all under control" and today many italians regions( Lombardia, veneto and friuli) declared regional emergency. I fully hope the situation will improve. Good to us. A greeting from Milan

Author — Incognito


Patient zero is probably an Italian person, moving around a lot. But he/she might have been infected by a Chinese tourist who went home long ago. Italy is a major tourist destination but I wonder how countries like Iran got so many cases?

Author — JA YE


I will repeat ! Just close the airports and harbors!

Author — Marcos galvão


The Italians demonstrating to the rest of the world how to do a complete lockdown properly

Author — Mike5


"unnecessary" ? something wrong with her brain or something?

Author —


Italy has just started to test everyone has flu like symptoms.
In many other countries doesn't happen yet and probably cases are similar or more.
Italy is proving to be really serious and honest in this case.
Patient 0 seems not even from China but from Europe or US. Good luck to all of us

Author — Matt P


Her: "..panic is more contagious than the virus..."
Me: Medically unproven, but feel free to experiment.

Author — Orla OTO


Globalist just testing how easily they can force the people into slavery

Author — Jeremy Shaffer


"Panick is more contagious than the virus", then go to Wuhan and have a walk about. 😂😂

Author — PamS Online


OH GOD save the Italy I love this country

Author — kamran aziz


"Unnecessary"-people are the ones who will unintentionally and stupifically kill us

Author — P S


1:37 ; 'the panic is more contagious than the virus' - Spoken like a true Carnival Goer.

Author — Dan Edds


Spreading like wildfire.
Pandemic needs to be announced now so people can prepare!

Author — Alan Parker


The whole world needs to stop working for 14 days to stop this virus from spreading

Author — paul hoskin