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More than a million cases of coronavirus have been registered globally, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University - another grim milestone as the world grapples with the spreading pandemic.

Nearly 53,000 people have died and more than 210,000 have recovered, according to the US university's figures.

The US has the most cases, and more than 1,000 died there in the past day.

The disease, Covid-19, first emerged in central China three months ago.

Though the tally kept by Johns Hopkins records one million confirmed cases, the actual number is thought to be much higher.

It took a month and a half for the first 100,000 cases to be registered. A million was reached after a doubling in cases over the past week.

Nearly a quarter of cases have been registered in the United States, while Europe accounts for around half.

The pandemic is taking a huge economic toll: an extra 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefit last week.

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shout out to all the health workers around the world, YOU ARE HEROES!

Author — 단골이슈


2019: Avoid negative people
2020: Avoid positive people

Author — Deklan Burrows


Millions of humans die off


Author — Azreal Of the 1st legion


When the media say 1 millinon then it's probably over 10 millions

Author — Peter Solar channel


Mexico not putting travel restrictions up because the Cartels won't let them. They still need to ship their coke.

Author — Milky Milky Man


A single death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic.
-Joseph Stalin.

Author — Fraksi 69


I Get Wings To Fly Oh - Oh I'M Live....

Author — waiting And Watching


there’s always that lone runner running in an otherwise deserted area...

Author — Mandar Savarkar


It took 67 days To reach 100k Cases but it took a few days to reach 1 Million....
Pls stay at home

Author — mamta dasa


13:09 this reporters blinking skills are extraordinary.

Author — hki cgh


That's a cool helicopter EC 635, I've flown that in Arma 3 with those very same German markings - ADAC

Author — Willow Wasp


This makes it seem like 1 in 20 are dying but there's millions of cases that aren't confirmed yet because testing has hardly started yet.

Author — Daniel Hinkles


Meanwhile where i work in massive food warehouses in uk and we are like sardine in there. More than 1000 people on top of another with no protection equipment, they don't dezinfect our equipment and verry often we have to wash our hads with water only because he soap is not there.
Is not such thing us safe distance where i work. I ask for help for weeks now from everyone i could think of. Police, bbc and other news channels to come and investigate, i wrote to mp s and radio stations. I got no reply like nobody cares about us.. if you complain at work about his condition you are been told that we lucky that we have a job in times like this and if you insist they ask you that is better to look for another job . I have other family members that work on different food factories or warehouse and is the same there. Most of this site's are full with workers from east europe and most of us lives with big families because we can't afford to live on our own. If the virus got inside the warehouse and food factories around uk we will problaby look for this to last year's . Just think how many workers and they families could get infected around uk.

Author — Ciuta Constantin


Title headline: Confirmed Global Cases Pass One Million
Article content: 30 seconds about the 1 million mark then 22 minutes about how the pandemic is afftecting the global economy

Author — dungeonseeker


I want to go back to work I'm getting broke 😥

Author — Don Montana


"The first priority has to be the patients whom the result of the test could be the difference in treatment that could be the difference in life and death." Dude, who do you think does the testing?! Who do you think treats those patients?! How are those people gonna be treated if there is no staff to treat them because they have all fallen ill and can't be tested! Idiot!

Author — Katrín


"Well done corona, knew you could do it, one million and counting, in the big leagues now!"

Could you please show a little less enthusiasm, these are real people, not someone breaking a Guinness world record.

Author — whiteknightblack


Deadly virus in Antartica: Covid-19 Is just a trailer..

Author — Din Din


Am I the only 1 searching for France having the highest death per day yesterday (2nd April) with more than a 1000 deaths?

Author — Diya Shikha


We have over 1, 000+ here everyday now. :( (USA)

Author — dstrong11