New spy plane? You be the judge

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A group in Amarillo, Texas, watches everything military that flies over. But back in March, they spotted a 'flying Dorito' aircraft, something they'd never seen before. The air force has not confirmed this craft as one of their own, as of yet.

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Im in South Africa and a couple of us witnessed the same thing one evening.

Author — Anél Smith


Sure hope none of them dissapeared in any mysterious accidents..

Author — Mikel Whois


They spotted the AURORA project aircrafts.

Author — Enrique Rivera


You can be sure if USA Today is breaking the story, it was done for a specific purpose..

Author — moveovermike


"Whatever-stan", its an official new country. ..Update the maps.

Author — WTFMannyxFTW



Author — georgemarsone


I'm sure by now the government "contractors" have confiscated all his equipment and put him in jail under "espionage" charges....if he is lucky enough to be still alive.

Author — One of Five


The Dorito has a Starfleet cloaking device confiscated from the Klingons.

Author — Porsche Man


I really dig how into it these guys are. They're having a blast, it's great

Author — Peter Grenader


1:58 what a BIG MOUTH. Enjoy, but don't friggin' BROADCAST .

Author — gblueslover2


Some years ago I was sitting in my back yard at just before midnight. I was leaning back in my chair looking up at the stars chatting about the day with my wife. We used to end the day that way before going to bed. We'd spot satellites and shooting stars etc... As I stared into space something very unusual crossed my line of sight. If it hadn't crossed where I happened to be looking I don't think I'd have spotted it. It was a triangular "thing", it was silent and very high I think. What made it amazing was that it was almost transparent. It was like looking at a triangular heat haze. I could see stars behind it as it crossed the sky. I jumped up and tried pointing it out to me wife but she was expecting to see a satellite and never saw it. I knew if I took my eyes off of it I'd lose track of it. In about 20 seconds it travelled out of my sight. I live in Casper Wyoming at about 5, 500 feet. The air is exceptionally clean making star watching very easy. We are also about 700 miles from area 51. Not too far for a jet airplane !! I just thought I's share this with you...

Author — Tom Elliott


Everybody who believed in this tr3 20 years ago was crazy of course now we have many pictures of tr3s in the air

Author — Don Hunt


It’s a goa’uld Cheops class one of Ra’s fleet

Author — DiscoReaper


Dammit!! someone already used the Dorito comment.

Author — Billybadass


Billions of Taxpayer money on high tech for corporate wars. Meanwhile in Flint, Michigan....

Author — Alejandro Esquivel


Me: oh damn, a flying dorito

Flying object: ?

Author — Hit2kill


Most likely the upcoming B-21 Raider stealth bomber.

Author — SKilledP0TATO


Those look like the experimental aircraft being developed.

Author — Aaron Buckmaster


"Black Manta" Mercury Plasma Propulsion

Author — echurchofindy179


They have been spotted leaving England, and are refered to has "Stella Squadron"

Author — Anthony Smith