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For the first time members of Kenya’s counter-terrorism police admit to “eliminating” suspected Muslim radicals.

Speaking exclusively to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, officers from four units of Kenya’s counter-terrorism apparatus admitted the police assassinate suspects on government orders.

They claim that the order to assassinate is made by the National Security Council, a body chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The film examines how extra-judicial killings are seemingly becoming normalized, thirteen years after the so-called ‘War on Terror’ was declared.

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Am not a Muslim but this is not the way to go because if we go on like this it will lead to war with somali which the US itself was unable to stop. I believe keanya is fighting a war that is not supposed to fight let us witdraw our force from somali n seal our boards but I know there are big pple brokers in government who will not like this war to end coz they r receiving blood dollars from the US.

Author — evans Kibayi


soo whats the issue?some peolpe killed for preaching by the gun and getting what they ultimatly wanted? 2. very lopsided documentary, obivious what al jezera wanted to acheive, despondecy, religious intollerance, and ultimately instill fear into the minds of kenyans. lets not be cowed, please practice some responsible journalism, this is avery reckless put togeter peice of work. i know that violence and hatred is what the media thrives on, but this needs to be done in a more cultura, historical and more factual manner.

Author — El Lion


"A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy''- Guy Fawkes

Author — Emmah J


Listen to Makaburi, he himself admits to being a threat

Author — eric maina


Kenya government are ignoring external threat from Al-Shabab like Mandera & Lamu, and are focusing more to kill their citizens

Author — Salim Abdillah


This is a very bias piece. It paints only one side of the story and i doubt the so called recce squads are indeed actual cops, otherwise they should be fired for giving such reckless information.

Author — God's son


So how stupid do you think we are, if these policemen are a special unit, they must be well known and if any of them talked to you, then their seniors know who they are, they are not fools to put their lives in danger.

Author — Kalizzy21


Imo if you are a person who uses religion to propagate violence, you deserve worse than this.

Author — Wajih ul hassan


I was expecting this from Al Jazeera now am waiting to see something similar on Press TV and then of course CNN and BBC will look at it from a different view and will surely mention the execution of Christian civil servants working in the education and health sectors in Mandera and how over 70% of the skilled workforce in this border town who happen to be Christians have left due to the regular executions. Then when you read the comments, almost every one takes sides based on his/her religious beliefs. If there is one burning question I would like to ask the people heading these overwhelmingly biased top international news channels it would be.. Are You Guys Enjoying This?

Author — Emmanuel Rabongo


A bit sensationalized but I agree....confirmed terrorists don't deserve a day in court.  

Author — denn denn


well I now have a newfound respect and tremendous appreciation for Kenya.

Author — J C


the documentary is good becuase it brings to surface issues that need to be discussed in the public domain like the extra judicial killings that happen and no investigations are done. But the journalist failed to cover the other side of the story where innocent Kenyans are killed, maimed and brutalized by radicalized youths and the al-shabaab because they do not belong to a certain religion or as a revenge, in these same regions the journalist visited. Partly I believe its because he belongs to Al Jazeera or it was outright disregard of journalistic standards.

Author — Samuel Kariuki


Poor government agencies I feel sorry for kenyan people.

Author — DII-10


useless traitors.How can you reveal such info?Just for a few coins I presume.Cheap sellouts.

Author — Andrew Kiptoo


have you seen what boko haram do in Nigeria, This is Kenya we don't want this to happen in kenya

Author — OZZZ


If you let the radicals live, the problem grows since more youth endup being radicalised and becoming terrorists

Author — khalif kairo


It is interesting How this piece tries to paint Terrorist as victims of police brutality....Aboud Rogo was recruiting youths to kill fellow Kenyans....He was filmed training them....It is true we have death squad....They were first created to Eliminate the Mungiki and are now killing Extremists....But if the Judiciary has failed or if the law is weak in tackling Terrorism do we Sit and watch as these Demented Extremist continue Killing Innocent You declare Jihad be prepared to face the Infidel.

Author — selah james


Eliminating these suspects is a war by Kenyans against Kenyans! No wonder the government have kept a low profile in investigating such deaths of clerics and sheiks countrywide. This is more serious!

Author — Dinka Youth Council DYC


I dont understand why this story is one-sided though.

Author — edith irura


The dangers of fighting terrorism is to knowing who is telling the truth at the end of the day so be careful with what you say.

Author — Ing'wari Mohamud