Hypersonic Space Drone! Russia to Test New Staggeringly Cheap and Reusable Prototype

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Now back to the subject of space and the future of Russian developments. One of the latter was revealed just today. That's how the first Russian space drone will look like: hypersonic speed, flies both in the atmosphere and space; among other functions, it can put space vehicles in orbit. However, one of the main features of this technology is that it is reusable.

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Russians can think big, they have fine scientists, brilliant minds.

Author — R A


Russia is keep on getting stronger and stronger

Author — sala din


USA has had a similar spacecraft X-37 flying around up there for months at a time doing god knows what. It is a stark contrast that this Russian project costs several million and the US one is officially $192 million -- but probably costs over a billion due to being black hole budget DARPA. Yet it will probably perform similarly.
Russia seems to be able to get more value for defense money spent on R&D, production, and deployment, which partly offsets that their spending is less than a tenth of the USA's. They also offset that by not making the same mistakes over and again like the Americans do -- plus they do not have to maintain a global empire of military bases protecting all those capital investments that reap a return for the Wall Street plutocracy.

Author — Aquila Rossa


Go ahead Russian God bless your Country and the entire world

Author — Elba Smith


The True Avanguard - I know it would not be an expendable missile!👍

Author — Zahir Datoo


That gal is *one juicy tomato* ...had to watch this a second time just to actually take in the actual report about the hypersonic craft...

Author — jet guy


That blonde though. D*mn, she is pure fire 🔥♥🕊

Author — Armando Sturzenegger


Ecaterina Grigorova worths more then all of this misiels putt togheter
she also makes my misiel grow
but why

Author — lowe booty


Because of an extremely harsh economic competition between the most developed countries, Russia needs to encourage useful innovations in science and technology. For this, Russian authorities should find means to financially back the research in science, try to spot real talented scientists and also try to keep an open mind to new ideas in science.
Real good ideas in science usually come from scientists having an academic degree. However, nowadays, thanks to Internet, some valuable ideas might come sometimes from people without a high level of expertise in science but just being passionate by science. It doesn't really matter that someone who brings a new valuable idea in science, doesn't have a Master or a PhD.
Finally, the most important thing is that innovative idea itself which could lead to a very useful innovation or to an important breakthrough in science. In USA, very often, companies are not "hunting" only for high skilled scientists but they are "hunting" also valuable ideas !

Author — John Smith


Those sums are just estimates. It is common to run over budget but even then it will be no doubt cheaper than American X-37.

Author — Flankymanga


I hope you guys realise that your latest aircraft that carries two missiles on each wing it virtually like a space fighter. Like when it reaches it ceiling if the missiles are used as rocket boosters it will probably take the vehicle into space.

Author — gringo anon


Russia should give Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and rest of allies some Nukes in case US tries anything.

Author — Donald Dump


War is big business in America a source of income

Author — espiritu bautista


2:98 - 3:00. Неправильный перевод (один из). На порядок = an order of magnitude, на два порядка = two orders of magnitude. Вы перевели просто вдвойне "to be doubled". Открывайте учебник математики за второй класс и учите что такое порядок. Подсказка - на один порядок = умноженное на десять.

Author — Denis S


Just think of the great things for the world and its people that could be accomplished if the USA and Russia would come together in cooperation with good intentions.
Too bad there are those that have selfish love for money and power more than peace and prosperity for all.
We are all slaves to the evil pyramid system.

Author — Nemesis Dawn


Russia has experience on their own soil what war is like the US has not Russia will be quick to pull the trigger the US will sit on their hands as usual the US thinks they are insulated from nuclear attack while I'm writing this Russias has nuclear subs in positions around the US having first strike capability. Ukraine entry into NATO will be the straw that will break what fragile peace we have now and Europe will face the full Brunt of Russia's Fury the US has a history of bring suffering to others why they themself observe from a distance as an example Libya Syria Iraq in Afghanistan.

Author — Kenneth Ingalls


I love Russian they are better than American

Author — Jimmy Lozada


Russia has tremendous potential. Unleash Russian entrepreneurs, business owners and cut more Red tape and watch your GDP soar.

Author — orderoutofchaos621


Russia is going to need every single submarine ships missiles drones guns bullets. The United States has just transferred nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe. Russia should know by now that anywhere American troops are nuclear weapons are there too. The United States is getting ready to wipe Russia off the face of the earth if this is not true then why the treaty was abandon by the United States ? Russia has only 3-5 minutes are less to respond to a nuclear strike.

Author — Enamel Larry


Turkey Russia savior of world. Share technology and friendship.

Author — Ahm S