Italy on lockdown over coronavirus l ABC News

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I am italian and than you for every support comment ❤🇮🇹

Author — sulway


I'm italian, I am in this situation, my life has totally changed in two days 💔 please take care of you all, wherever you are!

Author — Marta Van Pelt


Stay strong Italians, prayers from Pakistan

Author — Gorsee Gujjar


The WHO should have declared this a pandemic weeks ago so that people would have had more time to mentally prepare. I have been closely following this since late January, but apparently many people have not understood the gravity of the situation until now.

Author — Andrea Gaisser


This is a horror/scientific movie come to reality; I hope everyone is safe and secure.

Author — Roger Tiwari


Pray for Italy from Indonesia.. i hope there's a vaccine for this worst virus.. it's real.. zombie movie come to life.. !!!😭

Author — sarry ningsih


I'm Italian and I see every day the effects of this virus on everybody's life, and I want to warn all the people from other countries: This is going to happen to most of the nations, is not the time to be selfish but to support each other!
After this the economy will collapse, here we already lost billions of Euros.
Please, take precautions, this is not going to end in a few weeks

Author — Weirdcat


I'm italian, I live in Lombardy. We are going through a very bad situation. We need to stay united. Thank you for all your support. Please everybody, stay safe. 😔😞

Author — Asia Febbraio


Bro this is looking more and more like the movie “contagion” each day.

Author — Hazardous 088


It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be! Don’t mean I ain’t gonna keep my distance, never touch my face again except in the shower and wash my hands 600 times a day! 😉

Author — Tammy Forbes


Pray for italy!
Forza italia

Author — sabuj bhuiya


young people should go out for grocery shopping instead of elder people! there are elders in the video wandering around without masks come

Author — Bro Capitalista


Don’t forget this virus can mutate and start to kill younger and healthier people. Just because you are not at high risk today next week may be different.

Author — FMJ Berg


Dear Italy... the Philippines is praying for you as well. Stay safe!

Author — Philip Erpelo


I'm from north africa and im.so sad that good country like italy going thru this
Italy was always treating immigartions very well and good
May god.protect italy from this verus

Author — TheMedia2009


Bon Giorno Italia. The internet connectivity can help communicate in a hugging society. Ciao Bella

Author — Stewart Professional Services


Why the hell would she travel to an affected area and return to the U.S.?

Author — bugly here


Homeless veterans women and children that are homeless sleeping in the streets not one network has mentioned them no leadership in America

Author — Jasmine Sierra


I’ll say it again. We need more ventilators and ICU beds. Full blast we need to working on this.

Author — undertow


This is not getting enough attention as it should. This is very scary

Author — Ivan Martos