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As life as we know it grinds to a halt, from large metropolises to tiny villages, we asked our correspondents to share their personal impressions. How do differnt countries cope with coronavirus and how do locals feel about it.

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This is why I subd to dw. Nothing like this type of reporting here in the US. Just politics all the time. Well done and thanks.

Author — Young Hwan Choi


This multi-national report is what we need more of.

Author — TOPIX from the TROPIX


I have never seen such an event literally impact every place on earth all at one time. It is surreal.

Author — Mar Blox


That is what reporting should look like and not putting opinions rather than news

Author — yoda 1


Please keep doing those types of reports and add more countries if you can!



Please please please, do this weekly, it's such a good visualization of the situation, thanks a lot!!

Author — IceCrawl3r


Finaly the Chinese made something that lasts.

Author — Vlad Walhalla


OMG DW News. I am just discovering you and immediately I am amazed by you. A rapid series of details from all over the world and no overt politics.

Author — Bryan Manx


its great to see EVERYONES perspectives

Author — Qwaisilia


This is why I've been an avid viewer of DW. You've always kept it real with actual news that matters! Thank you and best wishes!

Author — Neeraj Nair


This video looks like the clip from every Hollywood movie

Author — allen pradhan


Oh lord interview into the invisible virus going on around the whole wide world east west south north of those who are dead their social be rest in peace Lord interval

Author — Kulah Earl


Keep in mind, wearing a mask may save your life, almost none of the reporters wear one

Author — 黄建平


Waw, I stumbled upon a gem. This is the only news channel I watch each day. Best of the best.Thank you.

Author — Peggy


This video reminds me of clips shown in The Independence Day movie.

Author — Alpha Videos


Klaatu: The decision is made. The process has begun.

Author — Brahmastra


Some countries will colapse not only because coronavirus but also economic impact. There is major power shifting after this pandemic end.

Author — Rswa Vroo Gein


How is Canada not even on this prospective across the world 😂 that is screwed up

Author — Little Sarah


Good stuff, this is the exact news were interested in

Author — Bun Yan


The Malaysian correspondent just had to choose the most awful-looking shops as his background huh, maybe it's the effect from the limited movement being enforced. Jokes aside, yes his reporting is very accurate.

Author — Johan E