Political Ideology: Crash Course Government and Politics #35

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So today Craig is going to look at political ideology in America. We're going to focus on liberals and conservatives and talk about the influencers of both of these viewpoints. Now, it's important to remember that political ideologies don't always perfectly correspond with political parties, and this correspondence becomes less and less likely over time. So, sure we can say that Democrats tend to be liberal and Republicans tend to be conservative, but we're not going to be talking about political parties in this episode. It's also important to note, that there are going to be a lot of generalizations here, as most peoples' ideologies fall on a spectrum, but we're going to try our best *crosses fingers* to summarize the most commonly held viewpoints for each of these positions as they are used pretty frequently in discussions of American politics.

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Bruh are we really here arguing politics when this guys has clearly discovered cloning

Author — John Martin


Warning: IF you scroll down, your brain cells will decrease very fast, and you will burst into flames, since the comment section is a literal flamewar.

Author — Estonian Mapping


I know no one cares, but I just want to say that when I have kids, I don't want them to adopt their political ideology based on mine, regardless of it's for or against mine. I want my kids and my grandkids to arrive at their own conclusions. And I also want to create a family atmosphere, where we can talk about our political views regardless if they clash or not.

Author — Eddie


Liberals: Equality
Conservatives: Liberty
Me: Why not both

Author — No One


How is it when I see this video I think "Hey both sides have valid points and values"
Then I watch a debate and lose brain cells.

Author — Neato Cheeto


5%: "this video was unbiased"
5%: "let's just get along ok"
90%: "this comment section is a damn WAR!"

Author — Aimz Beats


As someone who's dipped into a bit of political science before, I have issue with how Americentric this video is. Liberalism in general means supporting individual freedoms and largely being against government control over it's peoples (think classical/social liberals), and conservatism in general means being supportive or protective of older traditions and values.

Author — H. J.


I'm a liberal, hello my fellow conservative colleagues!

Author — TimMadvillain


coming from a conservative, this was very well made and educationally factual, unbiased video. Glad my school still teaches this to me. ^_^

Author — Expert Cypro


nononononono.... Not the comment section on a video about politics. nonono. Please, God no.

Author — Chan


This whole video just told me that i agree with some of both liberal and conservative sides...
I feel like I'm neither one or the other... But to vote i gotta be a part of one or the other...
Whew... This is tough

Author — Jacquard Isaiah Wyse


Around 8minutes in, "it remains to be seen whether the generation that grew up in the Great Recession will be liberal or conservative."

2016 Bernie in primaries: lmao

Author — forgetfulfunctor1


Ah, typical, didn't invite the Libertarian clone to speak!

Author — Simplicio


"lower spending will mean lower taxes, this means we don't like flag burning and favor prayer in schools" WHAT!? how are those related at all?

Author — Luke Costello


They are the ones raising the children most the time other than the parents

Author — KingIceHunter


Obviously the only true ideology is Anarcho Techno National Bolshevism

Author — Kekero



Author — McEdu


thank you for calling it "american liberalism"

Author — DakuHonoo


This is absurdly reverse in 2019, the left love free market, the right isn't.

Author — Bub Huynh


4:51 my dad’s a libertarian, my mom’s conservative and I’m a dialectical Marxist ¿?

Author — Jackson Williams