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NFL players are good at football.

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Hey DudePerfect I just want to take this time right now and share something rather personal with you today! I've been holding onto something that I've really wanted to tell and share with you for so long but I've been afraid too because of my health problems and also, how people will react when they read my comment, but seeing the recent events in my health lately, I feel like I need to tell you this now, so please allow me to please explain so you'll understand! OK bro, well first off: I am a deaf man but I wasn't always a deaf man you see! You see, I was born with an awful condition called Ménière's disease and after 23 years of my life fighting this and battling this, it finally beat me and it took something from me.. it took my hearing.. My hearing gradually declined over the years but the last 2 years of my life hearing, it really progressed so hard.. I've been watching you for about 5 years now and you have really helped me so much through my severe depression.. Just watching you DudePerfect before and after I went deaf, has really helped me in ways that you'll probably never understand because, in a weird way, you have really helped me be a happier person, because well, your videos made me laugh and it kinda gave me hope you know dude?.. Well, about 2 weeks ago, my Doctor diagnosed me with Cancer and getting this news, has really brought me down.. Like, I was finally doing so good with my life and I was finally getting out of my depression! I've worked so hard these past 3 years, trying to be a happier person but all that work was taken away from me when my Doctor told me I had Cancer.. I am still waiting on the official results and lab tests to come back but you know what bro? I'm not afraid no more because I've already been through a lot in my life and I'm OK with that.. I am just thanking all my favorite YouTubers that has helped me so much through these tough years because you all have helped me in ways that none of you knew was even helping me so I just want to tell you "Thank you".. thank you for being there for me and making me a happier person. My sister also has helped me so much and has helped me get through my depression.. What she started for me back then and still does to this day is she will write down videos for me in my notebook and then I'll try to read and follow along the best I can! Just know dude that I really appreciate everything you've done.. I am not sure how much long I have left on this world so I just want you to know this now bro!! You've been a really big inspiration to me and you'll continue to be for me! I know you'll never see my comment and that is OK bro! I'm usually ignored and not noticed no more in my life but you know what dude? That's OK.. I feel at ease now, knowing I took my time to write this for ya man! If anything bro, you are going to be my biggest inspiration in me trying my hardest to fight my Cancer.. Alright brother, again, thanks for everything... you have no idea how important you've been in my life.. thanks man... for everything.. bye bye now.. .

Author — Voltz


4:08 “I’m going against a running back they’re not supposed to kick”

Meanwhile Kareem hunt...

Author — Jack Strand


The left handed throw for DP is essentially my throwing skills

Author — Nathan Shaw


Cowboys are my favorite team in the nfl why did I say something about the cowboys there on the cowboys field

Author — Military Freak


Let's play Canadian roulette every 5th like gets bacon!

Author — DeLiRiOuS 300


"You can definitely put a chameleon in a box"

Author — Ssavanahh ssavanahh


When they bring in the Honeybadger

Author — Annalia Griese


Moral of the story is "If you want Tyler to lose at something, make him use his left hand."

Author — Julienne Dy


Fast forward to 2019 these guys are legends

Author — Refined Crits


did anyone else realize that at 5:04 when zeke was kicking the ball, the tall guy let go??

Author — YK xRay


4:07 *kareem hunt would like to know your location*

Author — Willmano



Author — Fouu Productions



Literally Nobody

The comments: Time to quote this

Author — Flynn Gourlay


Some of Tyler's best words to Garrett are: Lose the crop

Author — Whitney Bonee


Wow zeke lookin like a real person instead of an Ewok!!

Author — Josh Riley


2:14 when they don't keep trying to get the perfect score/shot

Author — Jonah Tannas Jacobson


It’s funny to see zeke in this video and to see him now

Author — ginga ninja


q: what do homer simpson and ty have in common??

a: they both get donuts 😂😂😂😂

Author — Buom Koth Koang


Everyone: “who else is watching this in 2019”


Author — Savannah Schultz


“ in this battle dude perfec— will face off against nfl players” 😂

Author — Rw Gaming