Coronavirus cases reach 60,000 globally

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Officials in China said 254 people died from coronavirus in just one day, doubling the previous record for deaths from the illness in a single day. In Japan, another 44 people aboard a cruise ship docked just south of Tokyo have tested positive for the illness. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joined "CBSN AM" from Hong Kong to discuss.

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Anybody get the feeling they're not telling us the actual number of cases?

Author — Lilliam Pumpernickle


Prisoners of the death ship. I won't be taking a cruise in near or distant future 🤮

Author — D G


This is getting out of hand quickly omg 😢

Author — Crazy Chick Shena


I'm a thousand percent sure China covered this up when it first started

Author — Jason Born


Just a reminder that these very same networks were telling you all to remain calm so they could manage their financial interests before you panicked and the markets stagnate...

Author — Jim Corrigan


sucks for the healthy people on that ship, the only thing they can do is get infected

Author — jimmyjegs


Let's be real about this situation. We don't know exactly how many people got it.

Author — Jamie Karr



Author — BDS Sith


Infected people have been running around the world free infecting everyone for 2 weeks now 😷

Author — Chitter & Chadder


Well it was a good run while it lasted. Fair winds everyone.

Author — Rafael Gonzales


I wonder if they used the Drug Resistant upgrade yet

Author — Mr. Daughtry


More like China is SLOWLY releasing the actual numbers...

Author — Penis


Everyone saying we need a _"cure"_ for this please realize it is a virus. There is no such thing as a cure for a virus like this. You can only treat the symptoms while the hots immune system fights it off. The best we can do is make a vaccine for it limiting the spread.
But unfortunately current estimates put that at 2-2.5 months away from -completion.- (Edit: At which point It can began trials and assuming all goes well mass production can potentially begin with 2020)
*Edit2:* There are some promising in-lab test's that show _Remdesivir_ and _Chloroquine_ to be effective at stopping the reproduction of 2019-NCoV. But we are _years_ away from that being a usable treatment.

Author — NWinn


When the doctor is wearing a mask during the interview and you aren't you should worry lol

Author — Andrew Verrett


So 20, 000 overnight?? Yeah this is b.s. its more like a million infected prob more. Don't buy into this fake news!

Author — Adder K.


Cruise ships must be incubators for flu bugs.

Author — Bill Hight


All I can say is God bless those in need and rest in peace for those that lost there lives, may God bless China with a miracle to cure the virus Amen.my heart bleeds for all of China.

Author — Jody Bennett


The problem is many people who get it show no symptoms and can spread it for up to two weeks. This means containing it is no longer possible, no one knows who’s sick for sure.

Author — burtosis


60, 000 I'll bet anybody here they are low balling us...

Author — Frank Perez


How can you say "More of X happens in a year than Y", when Y hasn't even existed for a year yet?

Author — Artemis Kitty