24 hours changed how the world works

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CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports on the shifting situation in Syria as the battle for land leaves citizens caught in a daily cycle of uncertainty and violence.
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What makes me sad is trump's followers believe all the bs coming out from his mouth....
Creating chaos and using people's sufferings and lives to distract americans from the impeachment investigations..

Author — J C


Kremlin leader's name is all over this. This was the promise that was made on a leaked call.

Author — John Webb


leaders are inherently less trustworthy" - Marie Yovanovich, 3 days ago to Congress.
Trump is corrupt to his core, his every decision is tainted. He must be removed.

Author — Hobbes


Little trump did what Big Putin told him to do.

Author — Warrior of Light


When you send journalists running to *Iraq* for safety, you messed up.

Author — Chudy Ilozue


Putin told Trump that he wanted a good present for his birthday.

Author — Noplay


"America" gives the world another reason to hate.

Author — Smokey Crow


A unwarranted retreat. Make America Betray Allies.

Author — Brian Smith


Trump's helping Russian interest what a surprise.

Author — Sean Draco


Just one phonecall from Erdogan, results in Trumps withdrawl so that Erdogan could move in. Great leadership !

Author — AAD Van Der Ster


The sheer amount of damage and lives lost caused by one single, traitorous snake who is still only thinking about lining his own pockets. What a POS.

Author — GyozaSauce


When a lying traitor is President of the USA...

Author — Leon Donnelly


Putin must be delighted with Trump's world "strategy."

Author — Linda Wright


Trump's "great and unmatched wisdom" and the GOP: Making ISIS, Assad, Erdogan, and Putin Great Again...

Author — Everblue Freediving


When the Lying President makes decisions without US Intel, base on personal gain. Another action that helps Putin, and goes against our allies.

Author — [̲̅K̲̅]


This was all planned. Trump is the puppet.

Author — Mathew McGill


Thanks to Trump, ISIS is back & instability reigns. 🇺🇸 stature is diminished perhaps irreparably. That's Maga.

Author — David Ellis


Putin had to move quickly and cash in, before the end of the year when his favorite idiot will no longer be so useful. If you think Putin isn't well aware of everything that will come to light during Trump's impeachment, you are a fool.

Author — Carolyn Talbot


The Republicans have serverely damaged the U.S. economy, world standing and national security. REMEMBER THIS when you go to the poll next year and EVERY election year after that.

Author — Gambit2483


has anyone supporting trump realized he couldn"t screw in a light bulb the right way?

Author — Nick Wade