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Earlier this year a Buddhist woman was raped and murdered in western Myanmar. The authorities charged three Muslim men.

A week later, 10 Muslims were murdered in a revenge attack. What happened next was hidden from the outside world.

Bloodshed pitted Buddhists against minority Rohingya Muslims. Many Rohingya fled their homes, which were burned down in what they said was a deliberate attempt by the predominantly Buddhist government to drive them out of the country.

"They were shooting and we were also fighting. The fields were filled with bodies and soaked with blood," says Mohammed Islam, who fled with his family to Bangladesh.

There are 400,000 Rohingya languishing in Bangladesh. For more than three decades, waves of refugees have fled Myanmar. But the government of Bangladesh considers the Rohingya to be illegal immigrants, as does the government of Myanmar. They have no legal rights and nowhere to go.

This is a story of a people fleeing the land where they were born, of a people deprived of citizenship in their homeland. It is the story of the Rohingya of western Myanmar, whose very existence as a people is denied.

Professor William Schabas, the former president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, says: "When you see measures preventing births, trying to deny the identity of the people, hoping to see that they really are eventually, that they no longer exist; denying their history, denying the legitimacy of their right to live where they live, these are all warning signs that mean it's not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide."

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This IS STILL HAPPENING and this video was made 4 years ago!!! :'(

Author — Syndicorn


Sad to see Al Jazeera not being able to execute good journalism in this documentary. It's clearly based on an opinion and not an observation that shows both sides

Author — Whatevenhappenshere


Ever notice that when someone is calling others liars, they are always the biggest liar of all.

Author — TheKurtis66


It feels like humans will never change... :(

Author — Elizabeth Morley


that man is no monk he's a politician in a monks clothing

Author — zero dai


If you can do this to people especially young children and woman your heart must be full with hate

Author — Maghreb United


It's so sad to see people suffering like this. May God give them a good place who died in the genocide.

Author — arun kaushik


killing is not a solution. every one needs to know that.

Author — Angel In HK


Of course because there is no oil there, the international community will remain blind to what is going on there.

Author — Marouane Chriss


Wat the foolishness is saying babies and innocent childrens planned war or he is not a monk.... wolf in sheep dress...

Author — sherjel sez


I will never forget that crying man's face... If i had money I'd seek him out and help him... He deserves it!

Author — Fiercely Humble


all in the name of religion and race...smh

Author — Trinidadian Connection


How do you make people of there own country illegal and live in refugee camps explain where is the UN

Author — Shanika Joseph


The Hidden Genocide and a Noble prize

Author — friends family


We are blessed that our country was not like myanmar.

Author — Analiza Ladano


this entire video enrages me, i wish more will be able to know about these atrocities. we need to stop looking at people as muslims or buddhists and merely as humans, then these genocides would not happen. i am disappointed that even Ang sung suu kyi doesnt even recognize their legitimacy, if future leaders wont resolve the issue how can it ever be fixed

Author — anonomos


I feel sorry for the elderly who were unable to flee, they were murdered.

Author — Parasmunt


That is one confused Buddhist monk. Buddhist emphasis on showing mercy not cruelty

Author — Adec


I was devastated to hear that young girl talking about her small crying cousins being thrown into the fire. That is one of the most monstrous things that I have ever heard. My heart goes out to these people who have suffered so very much. Sending much love and healing prayers to them all 😢😢😢

Author — karen fugagnolo


I cud not take That mans crying face may allaah give him patience 😢😢