Video shows FBI arrest Roger Stone at his house

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CNN has exclusive footage showing FBI arrive at Roger Stone's Florida home to arrest him. #CNN #News #stone

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This video legit looks like a netflix series or movie. Our government is officially a TV show🍿🍿🇺🇸

Author — Conservatives are the real NPCs


"No one knew that this was coming, so why were you at his house?"

"Well... you see.... I um...."

Author — Tammon


FBI: When CNN says "ACTION!" We go in and arrest the 66 year old man in his PJs

Author — Zade Samuels


I don't see how the people who work for CNN sleeps at night

Author — forabuck380


Is it just me, or is it a little strange that CNN was the only news agency notified in advance or for that matter present at the scene

Author — Zachary Schulling


They didn’t say
*FBI open up*
They said
FBI open the door 😥 disappointed

Author — ChopStYcks


Reporter arrives at 5:00am and waits, FBI arrives at 6:00am. Live-Cam within yards of SWAT. Reporter's instincts. Yep.

Author — showtime951


"we were here at 5am for whatever was going to happen" CNN was tipped off. This is insane. CNN is so incredibly corrupt. I'll bet you if this was Schumer they would have hid the whole this.

Author — dseguin3


Ohh they raided the dangerous old guy for a process crime. Glad we are now living in the third world

Author — s bright


Wow cnn reporting on an FBI raid live time, seems legit ....

Author — AequitasVeritas


Fake news at its best. "I had an instinct this would happen" ya right buddy

Author — Thomas Weir


THIS IS SO CORRUPT AND CNN IS INVOLVED. Instead of Stone, Mueller should be arrested. The CNN and Democrats have one goal, destroy their president.

Author — Sea Eagle


CNN and the FBI teamed up for the arrest? How convenient.

Author — Matthew Terry


Corruption at its finest, CNN just had a hunch something might happen, yeah okay.

Author — uncle chaos


Hopefully Stone admits to 19 murders so that this raid is justified.

Author — UNK 83


2 questions 7:14 how did he come to conclusion that Roger Stone HAD a beautiful house. Also how in the heck are they so aware right at the moment ready with cameras??? Can someone say political witch hunt??? By the way every thing CNN says is complete lies.

Author — Glock Nyneteen


The real collusion is between Muller and CNN since he gave them advance warning of this "raid". Instinct? How does that work?

Author — DSC800


Mueller will leave no Stone unturned...

Author — Shaqcepticeye


I’m severely disappointed he didn’t say fbi open up

Author — Jordan Ramsey


At the very beginning an FBI agent walks right past the CNN cameraman without so much as a glance. Proof positive FBI tipped off CNN, told them to be there. Wonder how much $$$ FBI got for that tip?

Author — Garry Stoner