Women's 400m Race | Russian Athletics (Russian Winter 2020)

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Women's 400m Race | Russian Athletics (Russian Winter 2020)

Highlight Clip of the Women's 400m event, from Russian Athletics - Russian Winter 2020 which took place on February 9, 2020 in Moscow, Russia.

Source: Russian Athletics - RUSAF TV


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That yellow flag has a mind of it's own at 1:51

Author — Phil Holmes


Olesya Bureyeva - n°251 - is hot. Thanks.

Author — Jean Jean


0:12 and 1:50 Olesya Bureyeva. Outstanding!

Author — J Shepard


Russian girls are the most gorgeous girls on the planet, amazing, i hope Russia will be back

Author — Benny Andersen


That's one thing about this sport you always going to see wedgies 😂

Author — Rayshawn Howard


Watch that flag pole waving their mister!

Author — razony


They've got better buns than a bakery!

Author — GeorgeFlippin


And wearing number 254, Wilma Flintstone!

Author — GeorgeFlippin


Олеся Буреева прибежала последней в первом забеге, а всё равно победила, судя по комментариям. Красавица!

Author — Slava Vozhich


These games may has well have been sponsored by the drug companies who along with their coaches supply and implement their doping routine.

Author — tony james


Number 251,
I feel like I have always loved you.

Author — Edward R Rooney


you see her making sure her cheeks are showing what a tease

Author — booty inspection


#257 is #251 is a WoW ! ...side profile of butt is staggering 0:16

Author — Dark Star


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came hard to the thumbnail and so...oh wait,
just me? Damn 😭

Author — Letoi Aselemo


These Russian athletes are more attractive than Victoria secret models.

Author — Eugene Justin