The Battle for Myanmar’s Buddhist spirit

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In Myanmar, different groups of Buddhist monks are battling with how to deal with the country’s minority Muslim population. While some advocate peace, others, such as the extremist Ma Ba Tha, are stoking up hatred and violence. The Guardian visited Myanmar to investigate how the monks’ actions are threatening to destabilise the country’s newly established democracy

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Muslims are only "peaceful" when they are in minority

Author — Morten Schmidt


Muslims literally cant live in peace with anyone.

Author — Rando Numba 9


Looks like these are root cause of problems in every country of the world.

Author — Vithal Mane


When peace lovers are in minority they are great followers of seCularism when there population increased they want islamic countries

Author — li yiung


For Muslims khilji is what ?
A ghazi
Why he killed Buddhist monks at nalanda in thousands
burnt library for months
Now when Buddhist are reacting violently now Muslims are saying
Julm ho raha hai

Author — Shrihari Kulkarni


When a particular religious group piss off the buddhist, it means there's a problem with that particular religion.

Just a simple logic.

No other religion had a problem with buddhist before.

Author — Dexter


Buddhism never preached one to accept violence mutely and become a victim for the love of peace. Buddhism often appears like peaceful earthworm surviving solely on soil but at times of threat it vehemently reacts like a cobra with full venom and vengeance to subdue it's enemy.

Author — nyusa


Respect for Mynammar buddhist monks, wanna do same in India.

Author — Chaudhry Vikrant ror maratha


let's fight the evil faith and evil people together.

Author — Omkar More


True. Buddhism is peaceful, pacifist, non-aggressive and treats everybody without the caste system. To protect Burma and Buddhism from the dangerous aggressive Jihadi Wahhabism Islam, every party, government, civil society, and every Buddhist in Burma must be on guard to face and deter internal Muslim allies and enemies also external Muslim allies and enemies. Burmese Buddhist have learned invaluable history lesson of how Buddhist country like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. became Muslim dominates countries. Those former Buddhist countries faced internal enemies of converted Muslim fellow countrymen and aggressive external enemies of Muslim allies and Muslim countries.

Author — Yangon Thar


If the Budhist resistance fails another Afghanistan will happen there.

Author — A S


I do believe the Buddhists, Muslims by nature stir up hatred and try to antagonise opposing cultures, i now find it very hard to believe anything that comes out of

Author — Ban Powel


Maybe the Buddhists in Myanmar looked at how Afghanistan (previously a Buddhist country) worked out and thought 'no thanks'! Power to them, better than genocide!

Author — マコト


What pak sponsored Taliban did ?
They brought down bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan
What pure Pakistan did ?

Author — Shrihari Kulkarni


Hindus are with buddhist other wise like indonesian mayamaar will become the same buddhist are not wrong

Author — deepak sharma


When buddhists do something against Islam and western government don't, you know how weak our gov are..

Author — manu Man


Buddhist and Hindus from Sri Lanka we are with Myanmar Buddhist...

Author — Nilanga Senanayake


We Hindus are 100% confident that Buddhists are not the cause of the problem in Myanmar.

Buddhism is a very compassionate and peaceful religion that has no reason or motive to harm others. Not a single incident of violence has happened because of Buddhists in past 2500 years !!!

Author — Melodic Nostalgic


Buddhism will never die long live Myanmar support from India🇲🇲🇮🇳

Author — ASS kicker


Number of Buddhist Countries Down:

Indonesia - LOST
Malaysia - LOST
Afghanistan - LOST
Bangladesh - LOST....
India....- Down to 0.8% Buddhists.

And maybe in future there will be more and more countries converting to Islam and more and more countries losing Buddhism till it finally goes extinct

Author — Abhijit Zimare